This App Is Your Go-To for All Matters 2021 Elections

With now just over a week to the 2021 general elections, the need for information and guidance on the election process is getting critical.

This is more apparent on social and traditional media, where members of public have been making admissions to ignorance about the election, while others confess to distrust of the system.

The result of this is usually growth in voter apathy and low numbers at polling stations.

As such, government through the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance recently launched a digital platform to help provide the public with important information about the election and raise voter confidence in the process.

The platform dubbed “Uchaguzi” entails a website, a mobile app and a chat bot.

The App, which  is now available on Apple Store and  soon on Google Play Store  has everything from the election countdown to a complete schedule for all election.

It also entails all information about all presidential candidates and their manifestos as well as parliamentary candidates.

The app is also downloadable from the Uchaguzi website.


In the app, users are able to check and confirm their polling stations using the “locator” by simply inserting their NIN on their national identity card.

Government Citizen Interaction Centre (GCIC) reassures of the safety of the app and that all information provided by the user will be secure and won’t be harvested for any other purpose.

With this election being unique because of Covid19, in the app you will also find the Standard Operating procedures expected at all polling stations.

The app also comes along with a quiz where users can test their knowledge of the election process by answering a few trivia questions.

Mr Awel Uwihanganye of the CIGC hopes the app and the Uchaguzi platform in general will be developed further and archived for future elections.

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