Things To Look Out For When Building A New Home

Building a home gives one a piece of mind. You will no longer have to wake up to the landlord mares at the end of the month and for that case, this is a project worth doing accurately. As first time builders, there are certain things people tend to do or avoid that affect projects. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid when building a home.


Jamilu Lukwago, an engineer notes that if you are to raise a storage building, you should first determine the kind of load to be hanged on. He argues that one should select a suitable place and avoid hilly or swampy areas. He believes that a hilly or swampy area may reduce the house’s longevity.

Chose a place where by even if you are to sell the land, one can easily buy it. You need a place free from noise, with good security, ability to develop and easily accessible.

“They should be operating under a well registered company for your security in case something goes wrong. They should as well show you some of the successful projects they have worked on for you to be sure,” he adds.

Poor quality materials

Most people tend to trust builders who in most cases buy low quality materials and end up building a weak house or sometimes the real owners opt for cheap materials to minimize their budget hence building a weak house.  Alternatively some are duped and given fake materials ignorantly, so it’s important to investigate the kind of materials to use.

“Opting for cheap materials will give you a weak building. Weak materials fail to sustain the stress due to the loadings,”Mugumba adds. This applies to the type of furniture that you want to get as well. For instance, for good quality blinds, visit https://visionarylofts.co.uk/ for some of the best picks.


Not doing calculations

To Lukwago, all calculations should be done before construction, dead loads, applied loads, flexibility/movable loads should all be fore sighted. This will help you to avoid extra costs and to have a planned budget.

“Axial shear and bending moment diagrams are very important for design to remain accurate with work,” he adds.

Not sticking to the plan

Mugumba says that most people make changes in the building process which causes bad shapes and wrong measurement after the house is done. He advises that if you are to make changes, do it within the design and stick to the plan the moment you start building.

Hiring a contractor or doing it yourself

Having someone do the work for you is a good option because this will relive you of the stress and since they have been in the business than you, they know where to buy the good materials, trustable sources and much more. alternatively being your own contractor could help you save a penny and see exactly how your project is going because no will feel for your project than you do. To Lukwago both options are good depending on how they are done and who does them.

“If you are to be your own contractor, you should have ample knowledge on construction works and costs, and also learn about risks and control measures,” he says.

Not following the right procedures

Mugumba adds that it’s very important to follow the  right procedure on each step of building. You have to give ample respect to the foundation to give the house a strong standing.

“Give much attention to the slab because this is the basis of the house. After laying it, take 28 days to let it get firm. And on building make sure the desired procedures are given attention,” he say.



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