There’s Need To Harness The Potential In Young People-Patrick Bitature

Ugandan business man and entrepreneur Patrick Bitature has urged Ugandans to embrace education as key to prosperity.

While speaking at the fundraising ceremony for Virtual University of Uganda on Thursday evening, Bitature cited that there is need to support young people who have the potential to transform this Country, but lack access to quality education.

“If we don’t harness the potential of the young People, we are seated on a sezle; either it will be a dividend if we defend or a disaster.

The potential of our human capital if its harnessed is immense potential or a dividend and it means we need to get more learning through education.”

Bitature said added that for one to be a good leader, he or she has got to be a reader, enlightened and should have a heart of giving.

“Being a leader means you have got to be a reader, if you don’t read, you will not, Education is the root system that the tree begins with, if you don’t learn, you cannot prosper, so we need to work on Education first.

The culture of giving is very good; it lets us live a meaning full life. However little you give, we make a big difference in one’s life .It gives life a meaning.”

Patrick Bitature speaking at the event

Bitature concluded by urging Ugandan citizens to avoid migrating away from Africa in search for greener pastures in the western World and emphasized on the need to get rid of gender violence.


“We have a challenge of migration; people are migrating in search for greener pastures, looking for prosperity, its education that will lead us to where we want.

If we don’t treat our women better, empower them so that they can contribute in the economy, learn to respect them and choose to kill this thing called gender based violence, we shall not move as a country.”

Harriet Mbosige the Executive Director of the Institute for National transformation said that Education is the only factor that can cause a real change and growth of communities which will change the world.

“We can add value to the people around us, we can transform our communities because we have received education that makes us who we are.”

some of the donations

Among those who donated include Mr.Patrick Bitature,Ham,Dine with Doug boss Douglas Banya and Asante’s Brian Banya Mugabi among others.

Dine with Doug boss Banya Dounglas and Asante’s Business development Manager Brian Mugabe




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