There Is No Miracle Wealth in Churches – Museveni Cautions Youths in End of Year Message


President Yoweri Museveni has called on Ugandan youths to work hard, be frugal and stop running to places of worship to seek wealth.

Museveni, during his end-of-year speech at his country home in Rwakitura, said while youths like all Ugandans are free to exercise their religious freedom, they should not waste too much time in places of worship praying to get rich.

“I salute the many youths that flock the worship centres to pray to God and to listen to the scriptures,” the president said.

“That is good. I only caution them on the visions of miracle wealth. Many of them go to these worship centres to pray to get wealth my miracle, without working.”

“Our ancestors pointed out long time ago that God helps those that that help themselves.”

The president’s message came at a time – the New Year’s Eve – in which many worship centres hold mega overnight prayers mostly asking God for prosperity in the New Year.

Meanwhile, during the president’s speech which was broadcast for just over one hour on major media stations, Museveni cautioned the youths against living extravagant lives, calling on them to borrow from the example of his youth life.


Museveni said when he was young he was never extravagant or showy.

“As a former youth, I led my family and my area in modernization and wealth creation, away from the ancient traditional ways,” he said.

“Youth doesn’t mean recklessness, alcohol, drugs or extravagance. I never wasted money on alcohol, luxuries, revelling or foreign travel. I never went abroad until 1969 when I went to North Korea for a students’ conference. The next time was in 1973 when I was already leading the war against Idi Amin and the reason I went to the UK was to get my wife Janet.”

The President added, “I advise those who flock drinking centres and taking narcotic drugs to seek help. The NRM leaders in these localities should seek out these youths and help them.”


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