THE TRUTH: Ex-Mr. Uganda Byekwaso Faked Death to Avoid Jail

Yesterday, Wednesday 26 September 2018 Kampala woke up to news that renowned body builder and former Mr. Uganda Ivan Byekwaso had passed on in German where he has been living since 2016.

His death was announced by Bon van Deer, who is believed to be a close friend on social media posting, “Farewell thee Ivan Byekwaso. U have fought your fight, let’s carry on. Till we meet again.”

However, after thorough investigations, ChimpLyf has established that the muscleman is very much still alive and had only faked his death.

Reports from German indicate that Byekwaso faked his death to avoid being arrested and thrown in jail. It is understood that the body builder is a wanted man in German for alleged crimes of theft and other cases.

It is said that Byekwaso connived with his lover to fake his death and throw the authorities hunting for him off track.

This is not the first time Byekwaso is faking death over similar issues.

It is for this reason that he moves from city to city; having been in Stuttgart, Cologne and Frankfurt among others where he is a wanted man in all.

After realizing that Ugandans had not fallen for the trick of faking death, Byekwaso through his friend Bon van Deer immediately made another post on social media claiming the ‘Ivan Byekwaso’ who died is not former Mr. Uganda.


“People I would like to clarify that it’s not Ivan Byekwaso the muscleman who has passed. The one who passed on shares similar names n hails from Masindi. He has been boxing trainer at the police training school in Masindi,” Bon van Deer posted on Facebook.

Byekwaso sought refuge in German after participating in the world championships in Hungary in June 2016. He is said to be staying with his white lover Tara Caballero who he met in 2015 after the INBA Natural Universe World Cup in Texas where he was champion.

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