The More Bobi Wine is Unlike Museveni the Better – Fan Responds to Andrew Mwenda

Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda took to social media to criticize the leadership ability of Kyadondo East Member of Parliament (MP) Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine yesterday.

Minutes after posting his opinion, the legislator’s die-hards pounced on Mwenda challenging his point of view.

A one Don Mohammed Kimbugwe reacted with a comment discarding, with sound reason, all Mwenda’s points against Bobi Wine.

“Mwenda has written a great piece, portraying Bobi Wine as a political amateur, who needs a hundred years to be like Museveni? Uganda doesn’t need another Museveni so the more Bobi Wine is unlike Museveni, the better,” Kimbugwe wrote.

He went on to note, “Andrew says that under Bobi, the lumpens would be in charge of National Security and such other things! Andrew should be ashamed that while intellectuals like him are simply licking the shoes of the incumbent for a token, the lumpens are mobilizing and inspiring the masses.”

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Don Mohammed Kimbugwe has challenged Andrew Mwenda

Mwenda mentioned that elites embrace demagogues shouting empty slogans against incumbent government without taking effort to assess leadership qualities of such characters.

To which Kimbugwe responded, “Even Obote thought Museveni and his bush war colleagues were lumpens!”

Mwenda also wrote that Bobi wine is rich in rhetoric and demagoguery but very poor in values and polices.


“Well, both ideology and vision are overrated! What does Museveni stand for?! Everything he held dear in the early 80s, he had dumped by 1990,” Kimbugwe responded.

He added, “He believed that Africa’s problems are leaders who overstay in power and later changed his mind about it. He has altered the constitution whenever it stopped serving his interests.”

Mwenda went on to show his disdain of how it is saddening that Ugandan elites are clamoring for Bobi Wine and are silent on the lack of values among the forces propelling this upstart in politics.

“Even worse is the lack of any policy alternative for Uganda. Surely, if opposition to Museveni blinds anyone to the thuggish character of Bobi Wine’s supporters, then this country is headed for disaster,” the disgusted Mwenda pointed out.

To this Kimbugwe responded arguing that Museveni cannot be quoted as the example of ideological strength in discussing Bobi Wine’s ideological bankruptcy. “Power is taken by those who are willing to give it a shot and do whatever it takes to get it. Just keep an eye on who that will be because you might soon land yourself a job to praise him,” Kimbugwe concluded in his response to Mwenda.

It should however be noted that the Kyadondo East legislator has not at any one point ever announced any desire to stand for presidency.

He is currently in hospital receiving treatment for injuries sustained during his arrest weeks back during the chaotic Arua Municipality by-elections.

Bobi wine, together with others MPs that were arrested were granted bail early this week.

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