The Magic Of The Impenetrable Bwindi

By Franco Kibuule

Bwindi is well-known for being a habitant to mountain gorillas and rightly so as many visitors from all walks of life have jungled this rainforest just to have a glimpse of them in what is termed as gorilla tracking.

But, this being a tropical rainforest, there is of course much more adventure than the gorillas just as Thor Hanson narrated in his book The Impenetrable Forest.

Let me ask you; have you ever dreamt of getting lost in a mysterious forest with beautiful rhythmical sounds and a calmness which rivals that of a summer sea? If so then a walk in Bwindi will be a dream come true for you just as it was for me.

A gate-like green thicket welcomed me and I felt like a King walking thru the golden gates of paradise. As I traversed thru the canopies, I looked up only to see the umbrella shaped leaves that harnessed the 1pm scorching sun to mere bright rays of light, it was so cool.

Past the thicket, I was frozen in amazement at the sight in ront of me. I asked myself; Is this a magical Land? Is this nature’s version of heaven? The flowers carpeting the nearby stream had all bloomed. It was a scene reminiscent of the dwarfs residential in Angelina Jolie’s exhilarating movie ‘Maleficent’; my eyes alone couldn’t absorb all this unparalleled beauty! While holding the alluring Black, Yellow and Red stripped flag, I stretched my arms backwards, spread them out-wide at 1800 and I closed my eyes thus freeing my other sense organs to have a feel of this spectacle. That way, I could tell a complete story.

The wind in the trees played a melody, the stream that bumbled along at the sides sent its waves striking against the bank with echoes and the whistling of birds completed the sweetest natural symphony of beauty. It felt like the Crested Crane in the flag had come to life and imposed its peaceful nature onto this brilliant piece of music. Sweet cool air danced on my tongue, dew from the stream graced my skin and every time I inhaled the natural healing sweet air, I exhaled the unneeded thoughts maintaining only those crazy thoughts of not returning to Kampala. The much fancied and luxurious artificial air conditioners in the city are several levels below this natural Ac. It’s a place that brings so much joy and with potential of eradicating all worldly worries, the fact I only remembered that my rent was due the moment I knocked at the home gate is a testament to that.

This wasn’t a world of magic and mystery that I often experience when I close my eyes late in the night; it was a dream that came to life with the magic of the Impenetrable Bwindi

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