The Evolution of Beach Soccer in Uganda

If there is any game that has seen rapid growth in Uganda in recent years, cialis 40mg its got to be Beach soccer. Barely 10 years  of existence in Uganda, troche the game has gone a great stride and gained attention from the beach goers to the media.

Chimpreports’ Fred Mwambu had an interview with the pioneer of the game in Uganda Mr.Deo Mutabaazi the  and below is the extract;

Picking Interest
Deo Mutabaazi reveals he picked interest in beach soccer when he went on a trip to Barcelona, Spain and watched a beach soccer game.

” By 2007, beach soccer was just a leisure sport here in Uganda and I used to see people kick around the ball on beaches but it was until when I watched a Euro game between Barcelona and Juventus that I picked interest,” says Mutabaazi.

“So when I returned from Spain, I took the initiative of trying to promote the game in Uganda,” he reminiscences.

The start
Mutabaazi indicates it was a hefty challenge at the start but because he was committed to see the game blossom in Uganda he kept focused.

He sold the idea of starting a regular league to Lido beach(Entebbe) owner Samson Muwanguzi(RIP) and fortunately he bought the idea.

” I talked to him about the idea of starting a regular and coordinated league and he accepted without hesitation giving us the facility at no cost,”

After granting him the playing arena, Mutabaazi says they lacked basic equipment like goal posts, balls and referees to officiate and there was no organised team at that time.

Mutabaazi recalls the first person he got in touch with Katamba Moses alia Mr.Mosh a musician who was the Master of ceremony (MC) at Lido beach and he helped me organize the first team.

“Mr.Mosh was my student at University so when I saw him at Lido I talked to him and he helped me form the first team called Musicians select,”

Musicians Select had artists like Eddy Kenzo,Buchaman,Sweet Kid,Rocki Giant among others.
The first official game played was between Musicians and officials where Eddy Kenzo was the referee in 2008.

Formation of the league

Between 2008-2009,beach goers formed teams to play over the weekends. Mutabaazi says they started to draw regulations to make the league more organised with the help of Dennis Katabira who would download the Fifa beach soccer statutes and regulations.

In 2009, a group of officials decided to form an organisation to run the league referred to as Uganda Beach Football Committee (UBFC) and by 2010 a national beach soccer league had started.

FUFA pick interest
The Federation of Uganda Football Associations(FUFA) was impressed with the rapid growth of beach soccer in Uganda and in 2010, Lawrence Mulindwa,the then Fufa president supported the game with the first goal posts, nets,balls and other equipment.

The following year,Fufa organised the first beach soccer course for both coaches and referees and 30 in each category were passed out. The next courses were conducted in 2012 and 2014

In 2012, during  the Fufa General Assembly held at Pope Paul hotel in Kampala, beach soccer was officially affiliated to FUFA.

Other developments
After forming the National beach soccer league, the Uganda soccer beach association went ahead to form other leagues that include University soccer beach league that started in 2011,the national school’s tournament, the junior competition and the women’s league.

In the next edition, we look at the national beach soccer team,the challenges and achievements of beach soccer in Uganda.

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