The City Gym: Fitness, Healthy Living in the Heart of Kampala City

A huge debate is raging in the fitness world about where is best for exercising.

There are arguments that environment affects one’s workout quality, mind mental and physical health.

What is not in dispute is that exercising in a gym comes with plenty of benefits.

Along Kampala Road is the glamorous Kampala Boulevard, a storied building with restaurants and shops at the ground level.

Upstairs is a state-of-the-art gym set to revolutionise the way we perceive healthy living and fitness.

Inside are fitness instructors, big television screens to allow clients follow their favourite programmes after exercising and a health bar.

The superb air conditioning makes exercising comfortable and relaxing.

The neat Locker rooms inside the gym.
The neat Locker rooms inside the gym.

The gym provides an excellent view of the daily traffic jam; relieving the mind of the stress that comes with the bumper-to-bumper car squeeze.


“Someone is stressed in traffic. You don’t want to have a stiff back. Just come up and relieve stress,” says James Oketch, the manager and chief instructor at The City Gym.

“We are bringing a new lifestyle to the city. We are combining gym with nutrition for a health living,” assures the imposing Oketch.

“We are showing the city a good and healthy lifestyle. We have Zumba classes; spin bikes, martial arts and taekwondo training, dance fitness exercises and African dancing sessions.”

Zumba dances take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party.

Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, one can clearly see why Zumba Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise.

The spin bikes are part of the indoor cycling workout that utilizes an upright stationary bike, or Spinning Bike, with usually a heavy weight flywheel and adjustable resistance to change the desired exertion challenge level.

The rider sits on an indoor bike just like any other bicycle with feet in pedals and “spins” the flywheel. A typical ride burns up to 12 calories a minute, and all that pedaling does some major reshaping of legs and butt.

The gym's manager, Oketch is cautious of cleaniliness, having lived in UK and his family owns a cleaning company in the UK
The gym’s manager, Oketch is cautious of cleaniliness, having lived in UK and his family owns a cleaning company in the UK

When ChimpReports visited the City Gym, receptionists wore wide smiles, welcoming guests and clients with stretched hands.

Amiable and comforting, the staff help clients secure lockers to keep their personal belongings such as phones, watches, ear rings, bracelets and belts.

Targeting the corporate class, Oketch is mindful of cleanliness. He agreed to take our Corps on a tour of the facility, showing us around the studio and showers. His family runs a cleaning business in United Kingdom.

Having lived in the UK for 30 years, Oketch pays attention to detail, is mindful of customer satisfaction and does not tolerate mediocrity.

“The changing rooms are cleaned all the time. We clean, clean and clean to give our people the best. As you can see, they are spacious and allow clients to have a fresh breathe of air after exercising,” says Oketch as he points to the distance between the beautiful mahogany seats and the lockers.

He added: “The Standards of cleanliness have to be average. Even the breathe has to be fresh. Everyone have their own locker and we have showers enough for a rugby team.”

A quick escape to the cleaner air inside a gym can also be a blessing for anyone suffering from asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems.

“Just come, take off your business suits, spin and have those muscles relaxed,” says Oketch, adding, “When you come to The City Gym, I want you to leave while feeling like you’ve done really something great. Your body must be feeling really much better.”

The gym is located on the upper floor, giving a client a view of traffic flow on the road
The gym is located on the upper floor, giving a client a view of traffic flow on the road

Health Bar

At the City Gym, clients have a taste of sugar-free juices, fruit and vegetable sandwiches and coffee.

Also served on discount for clients are herbal tea, cinnamon, cardamom, mint leaves and ginger spices.

These act as body cleansers, turning around lives.

At The City Gym, clients develop personal ties which are instrumental in building powerful networks.

Besides, group exercise classes help to teach accountability while giving participants a safe and effective workout.

Taking classes like yoga, Zumba and kickboxing may attract people who don’t like to run or walk outside.

At The City Gym, clients use a modern sauna, hot showers and can as well get massage. Soft touches on muscles after work is the best thing anyone would wish for a relieved mind.

You can stop to exercise on your way to work or lunch hour.

The City Gym boasts a studio room for all sorts of aerobics.

The City Gym Manager, James Oketch
The City Gym Manager, James Oketch

Health benefits

Asked what specific health experience would come with being a client of The City Gym, Oketch responded: “Your life changes. Your love life changes. It’s a healthy living.”

Pressed for an elaborate explanation, Oketch said regular fitness training brings the joy back and revitalizes the body.

“The body changes. You gain muscle. There also is rehabilitation for a sport injury. We help you strengthen muscles where you are limping,” he said.

“Even with your posture, we can easily tell how much weight you put on one side and how to straighten up the body,” he added.

“We encourage corporates, businessmen, mothers and people of leisure to enjoy the true fitness experience at The City Gym.”

Daily fees are Shs 20,000 only The City Gym is running a 60-day promotion for Shs 3,000,000 per annum.”

The facility has enough parking in front and in the basement of Kampala Boulevard.

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