The Benefits of Using Movies for Educational Purposes

Learning is a process that evolves with time. The evolvement allows for things to be done differently and changes to be initiated within the learning system. Usually, these changes are made to improve the learning process and increase the efficiency of doing things. On the other hand, it is also a process of ensuring that the education sector keeps up with changing times by modernizing appropriately. 

The use of technological advancements for the best interests of the learners have in itself encouraged creativity among the teachers. It is one of the modern ways teachers are using in educational delivery. It entails the use of movies that the instructor feels will help reinforce the understanding of concepts learned in class. 

In America, it has been recognized by the curriculum as part of the important educational resources. While there are critics who do not consider the use of films as a great way of learning, the majority of education stakeholders regard it as an excellent delivery tool. Below are some of the arguments for the use of movies as educational tools.

Movies Improve the Learning Experience

Have you ever entered a class and felt that the mood needs enlivening. There are those times that students become unresponsive and require something to cheer them up. There are different avenues that the teacher can explore to build interest among learners. Watching a film in the class could help serve this purpose. 

For example, for a history teacher looking to teach students about World War I and II, watching a movie on the same would be a good introduction. By the time you delve into the theoretical aspect, the students will already have developed enough interest in the topic. They will also contribute more to the discussion because they will still have the visual memory of what they are learning. 

For Assignment Purposes

One of the common assignments in high school and colleges is on movie reviews. It is an assignment that requires students to watch a film and then prepare a critical essay on the same. Due to the technical nature of the job, most students fear to attempt it. Others will turn to buy essay services to avoid failing in this assignment. 

However, all of this can be avoided. The teacher can provide a practical approach to this assignment. For one, the students will have an idea on how to handle this assignment. It will make them feel confident about handling the assignment on their own. 

Movies provide Visual Reinforce to Theoretical Concepts

Teachers use visual aids to improve the student’s understanding of theoretical concepts. Movies are part of the broader category of visual aids that teachers can use. In science subjects, teachers utilize practical scientific demonstrations to reinforce the theoretical concepts they teach. 


Movies supplement the theoretical concepts learned in humanity and literature related subjects. They provide a visual memory that students can relate to what they read on books. For example, if you are teaching students about the American Revolution, it would help if they saw a film related to the concept. It will help improve their comprehension and increase the fun they have learning. 

Movies Are Good Motivational Tools 

One of the creative ways teachers can use to improve student motivation is through the use of film. Everyone enjoys just sitting back and getting thrilled by a good movie. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch an assigned novel instead of having to read it all through? Watching a movie could be the motivation your students require to make them look forward to the next session. 

When it comes to movies, students connect with them emotionally. It immerses them into the world of the characters, which triggers their imagination. Therefore, it will encourage students to become active learners. They will contribute to discussions on the issues covered in the movie. Moreover, you will appreciate the fact that educational films will provide teachable moments to the learners. For example, watching a film on Mahatma Gandhi inspires them to become great leaders.   

They Encourage Students to See Things from Different Perspectives

A common aspect of educational movies is that they are based on real-life events. Therefore, the content student watch impacts their lives in a big way. The events in the film will influence how they approach to live and understand situations, as portrayed in the movie. For example, a movie on slavery will make them see racism from a more informed perspective. On the other hand, films help students have diversified opinions about society. 

The Bottom-line

Movies are a great form of visual learning mechanisms. They provide students with a practical approach to the concepts they learn in class. Moreover, they help create a better understanding of the concepts they learn. Therefore, based on the arguments presented in this article, we would significantly advocate for more use of movies as part of the learning process. 

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