That’s Not What My Mum Signed Up For – Says Daughter Of Officer Assaulted by Gen Kyaligonza

Maj. Gen Matayo Kyaligonza is facing swelling pressure to step down as Ambassador of Uganda to Burundi, following the surfacing of a video in which he and his armed military guards were filmed physically roughing up a Police Traffic Officer.

The officer, Esther Namaganda, found herself being pushed, shoved and slapped by the General’s guards, after he stopped their vehicle from making a U-turn in the middle of a road.

The incident happened Sunday morning in Seeta, Mukono.

Addressing press this morning, Maria Goretti Nabakoza, the daughter of the assaulted officer said the incident was the least she and her siblings expected to happen to their mother who was merely doing her job as a traffic officer on duty.

“She doesn’t want us to see her in her pain; but we know that deep inside she is hurting,” said Nabakooza, her voice breaking.

“This is not what she signed up for; to be beaten. This is not what she signed up for to be a cop. And I don’t think that any child there would want to be a cop after seeing this. Who would want to be slapped on duty?” she said.

Calls for Gen Kyaligonza, who also doubles as NRM vice chairperson for western region to resign, gained traction through Sunday night and Monday morning.

“Maj. Gen. Kyaligonza should be retired from the Diplomatic Service in the public interest. The (NRM) CEC should also take disciplinary action against him for breach of the party’s Code of Conduct. Odreck Rwabwogo was prescient in challenging the ornamental deadwood mentality,” said DP President Norbert Mao.


MP Robert Kyagulanyi of Kyadondo East on the other hand said such was the reason he is fighting to end the reign of the current NRM government.

“Remember when I said, “Afande, we are not fighting you. We are fighting for you.” This is what I meant. Police we are fighting for you. We are fighting for your dignity; for your wellbeing. We are fighting so that you can be respected in your country- in your uniform. We are fighting so that your work can be appreciated and not demeaned. We are fighting so that you are not harassed by your superiors for doing your job. We are fighting to put an end to this kind of impunity,” the MP said in a statement.

The UPDF have since formally apologized for the incident and arrested three of Gen Kyaigonza’s guards who were involved in the assault.

The army said however, that they couldn’t take action against Gen Kyaligonza, being that he is retired.


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