Teso Drought: 100 Cows Dead in Ngariam

The raging drought in parts of Teso has left at least 100 heads of cattle dead in Ngariam Sub County alone in Katakwi district, viagra approved according to the Sub County officials.

Speaking to this website in in his office, the Ngariam Sub County Chairperson James Francis Otude revealed that about cows were killed by lack of water.

He added that the drought situation has forced people to share water sources with cows, piling more pressure on the sources.

Otude says the situation has been worsened by the few available boreholes in the Sub County.

“I have over 2000 cows in my Sub County minus those of the Karamojong. The worst bit is that the Karamojongs are now moving in everyday to our sub county adding more pressure to our water points,” he said.

Otude appealed to the responsible offices to help construct more valley dams to avert the situation.

Disaster MInister Musa Ecweru, when contacted, promised to take the matter to Prime Minister’s office.


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