Teso Artists Clash Over Museveni’s 2016 Campaign Money

Musicians in Teso under ‘Teso Musician’s NRM campaign Team’ and ‘Teso Musician’s Organization’ have clashed over Shs60M which was offered by president Museveni on June 14, 2019.


Museveni is said to have offered these artists money in compensation to the service they did during the 2016 presidential campaigns.


However, the Money was given to a wrong group according to a group headed by singer OJ real name Opoi Julius who is also the Chairperson Soroti Musicians SACCO and Team Leader Teso Musician’s NRM campaign Team.


When contacted by ChimpReports, Opoi said the money that president Museveni gave during his recent visit to the Region, did not reach the real artists who worked for him.



He said, instead, some other individuals led by the Bukedea Sub County LC3 Johnson Emong Otinga, took advantage and collected the money on their behalf.


“To our dismay, we learned that there was another group of musicians which was created in the names of Teso musician’s organization and it was created just few days to the president’s recent visit to Soroti and this group met the President who offered them Shs60 million cash,” Reads the statement.

Teso Tes

ChimpReports tried reaching Otinga for a comment but all in vain. Never the less, we still await his response on the issue.


The group in a statement claims that they were never paid for mobilizing President Museveni’s votes across Teso sub-region.

“In 2016 general elections, we as the Teso musicians for NRM campaign team endeavored and put in our sacrifices and efforts to mobilize for H. E. President Museveni votes a cross Teso sub-region with our entertainment amidst all challenges of no payment.


The singers also say that later that year, they decided to form and registered the ‘Soroti Musicians SACCO’ which comprises of 30 Members and not 6 as circulated on media.


“We are 30 members in our group including; Might Bony king, Skye echoes crew, Mr. OJ, General Kayahman, Viper Teso Mada, Opera the master, Yaye, Okwi Frank, Ojebe junior, LMG system, Yona, Davido Spider, Opokomere, Felipe and Vin Jaguar among others,” said Opoi.

Mighty Bon King is among the Teso Musician’s NRM campaign Team.Photo by Mighty Bon King

“Besides, during the 2016 Presidential campaigns, two of our members met with the President at State Lodge in Soroti town who then made a pledge to support our team. We later organized ourselves and formed a SACCO (Soroti Musicians SACCO) and fully registered it as per the laws of Uganda in 2017 as advised.”


Opoi also said, “The actual information is that, the money was given on 14th but not in cash. The team leaders received it on 15th as cash in their organization bank account with post bank.”


These artists say they are not in any way subscribing to ‘Teso musicians organization’ because the team showed the highest level of segregation and that it was only created within the shortest time with unclear motive among others.


“Our Team as the musicians who performed during the campaigns for president Museveni would like to make a humble appeal to the office of the president to fulfill his pledge to our group and we also request to meet with him as the musicians who campaigned for him, just like the way he met with the ‘Tubonga Nawe’ team.”


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