Terrorism Is Not Islam – Prince Nakibinge

Prince Kassim Nakibinge yesterday strongly condemned the practice of hiding in the religion of Islam by terrorists, find to carry out their heinous attacks on innocent people.

Prince Nakibinge noted that those claiming to protect Islam while terminating innocent lives are doing it on their own.

He was addressing Muslims at his residence in Kibuli after the Eid El Fitr prayers. Making reference to recent attack on Medina, approved the holiest of all city is Islam, price by terrorists; Nakibinge emphasized that nowhere in the teachings of Islam are people taught to kill each other.

Prince Kassim Nakibinge addressing his guests
Prince Kassim Nakibinge addressing his guests

An attack on the Holy Land of Medina, he noted, was a concrete sign that terrorism is not religion based.

“I condemn the terror attacks which have taken place in various other places all over the world like the Syria bombings, the mass shooting in the US; we need to put the victims and their families into our prayers,” he said.

Meanwhile the Prince urged the Muslims to carry on with the good acts like what they have been showing during fasting.

Nakibinge introduces political leaders
Nakibinge introduces political leaders

“The same Allah whom you have been serving is the same Allah you are going to continue serving if you want to receive blessings.”

In his message to the politicians present at the event, Nakibinge advised them to mentor more of their colleagues so that they may also be able to rise into various positions of power.

Deputy Lord Mayor Sarah Kanyike and youth Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi
Deputy Lord Mayor Sarah Kanyike and youth Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi

“I congratulate all those who won elections at various levels and those who gained various positions in government after the recently concluded elections.”

The function attracted dignitaries from both Mengo and central government, politicians at all levels and Muslims of different age groups and statuses.

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