Terrorism: DPCs, RPCs Enroll For Military Training

The South Sudan rebel movement generals under Dr. Riek Machar are set to ask their leader to down and let them get another figure to face and remove President Salva Kiir from power militarily.

The rebel generals who have battling the national army, viagra sale SPLA for now 16 months want Dr. Machar who arrived in Pagak, Upper Nile State on Thursday, to simply forego the  soon resuming peace talks and let them concentrate on the power of the barrel since they suspect the Juba regime is not ready to accept any deal them.

In the event of Dr. Machar insisting on dialogue as a solution to the current status quo, the generals shall ask him to pave way.

Our sources currently in Pagak for the Second SPLA-IO Leadership Conference where Dr. Machar who has been remotely commanding the group from Ethiopian, Addis Ababa is expected to interface with the rebel commanders, supporters and well-wishers, say the mood is tense though all arrangements are in place for the success of the event.

Dr. Machar commanded his forces from South Sudan for months from their headquarters at Nassir, Upper Nile State up to when he relocated to Addis Ababa to concentrate on the peace talks and bolster regional and diplomatic frontier.

“All is ok and set here at Pagak where our Chairman (Dr. Machar) arrived yesterday. Everyone is enthusiasm at the conference but there is one important point to notice, the peace talks is not proving its worth and commanders here are ready to ask the chairman to allow us fight to remove the “killing” (Juba) regime.” A source from Pagak said.

“If the Chairman, who we believe is wholeheartedly interested in the return of to our country through dialogue is still insisting on peace talks with “killers” (Juba), the commanders are ready to ask him to give them way.” The source added.

SPLA-IO drifted from the national army following the 15th December 2013 incident when President Kiir bitterly disagreed with his former vice, Dr. Machar. The two sides have been fighting in a bloodiest internal conflict since world`s youngest nation`s independence in 2011.


Peace talks have also been on and off in Addis Ababa mediated by the regional body IGAD. Talks collapsed on 6th March 2015 during the African Union and IGAD`s Heads of State and Government Summit in Addis Ababa, when the worrying parties failed to meet the deadline of 5th March that they were expected to accept a power sharing deal.

A new arrangement has however come in place where the IGAD is going to be joined by the United Nations, European Union, Torika (US, UK, Norway), China and other African countries. The new arrangement dubbed IGAD- Plus is expected to put enough pressure on Kiir and Dr. Machar to accept the peace deal.


The Inspector of Police, view Gen. Kale Kayihura yesterday April 16th officially opened a Commandant and Leadership course for 120 Division Police Commanders (DPC), Regional Police Commanders (RPC)s and other police headquarter staff with the aim of equipping them with more military skills to tackle the changing trend of crime in the country.

The three months training course at Oliver Tambo School of Leadership located in Kaweweta in Nakaseke will according to the IGP, help equip police with capabilities to execute their duties while dealing with terrorism.

Kayihura welcomed as a privilege, the idea of DPCs and RPCs training with military skills which will equip police with capacity to enforce peace whether or not in times of insecurity.

The IGP called on those who criticize him for militarizing the police force to understand that the threats in the region are not simply criminal but military in nature.

“Police is not only a peace keeping force but also a peace enforcement force that should be well equipped to tackle all forms of crime since it is always fielded on the frontline in any atrocities,” Kayihura said.

Kayihura urged the recruits to always pay attention to details of any crime, be thorough in analyzing and diagnosing situations as it is the case with the military.

He also urged them to always brief their subjects on every matter and endeavor to be micro-managers so as to get more efficient results.


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