Terror Suspects Changed Homes Frequently   – Kenyan Police Witness

A Kenyan police witness has on Tuesday testified in the case in which 13 people are suspected of masterminding the July 2010 Lugogo twin blasts that killed more than 70 people.

46 year old Sgt. Ezekiel Luley, look  who works with the Kenya Anti Terrorism Unit in Nairobi, pilule told court that in August 2010, nurse they received investigators from Uganda who asked them for assistance in as far as arresting some of the suspects was concerned.

“They believed some of the suspects were in Kenya and I was subsequently given a role to do ground work to find out where they resided,” Sgt Luley  said.

He noted that he was tasked to find out and arrest Muhamad Ali, who was believed to be staying in B area, Palozi estate in Nairobi at that time.

The Kenya Anti terrorism unit police officer said that using his sources, he was able to identify the exact house in which Ali lived.

“We visited the house nicknamed ‘Orange House’ because that’s how it was colored and we were able to find the caretaker of the whole building who later led us to a room B2 on the first floor of the apartment.”

The witness told court that by this time, Muhamad Ali had vacated the house and another person had rented it.

“The caretaker however gave me a one month receipt that had been paid by Muhammad Ali but had lived in the house for a few weeks and vacated it before the month had ended,” he told court.


According to the witness, they later found out that the suspect had rented a house at Joy Park apartments but had in the same manner vacated it before the due time.

Sgt. Luley  said that  he later looked for the owner of the apartment  ,Maina Chege who  told the police officers that  the house had been rented  by  a lady only identified as Phatimah  and that Muhamad Ali  had lived in it shortly in the month of June before vacating it.

The suspect also rented in Kiruta at Kaigo Apartments but in the same manner vacated from it before he could spend there a night.

“We found out that he had told the property manager that he had been transferred to another place and could not sleep in the house. He then sent  Yahya Mbuthia (one of the suspects )  to collect the balance from the  property manager,” Luley  told court.

Hearing of the case presided over by Justice Alphonse Owiny- Dollo resumes tomorrow Wednesday.



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