South Sudan

Tension as Riek Machar’s Forces Surround Juba

The South Sudan capital Juba is facing eminent full scale battle between the SPLA and the opposition forces any time from now.

Sources from both sides have told ChimpReports that the fighters of the embattled First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar are already in the outskirts of the capital city waiting for the move with the aim of dislodging President Salva Kiir from the administrative seat or capturing more than half of Juba.

The opposition forces who have branded themselves Freedom Fighters took offensive and defensive positions in strategic locations and routes for a decisive clash, buy information pills according to intelligence sources.

“The IO forces are already here (Juba). They want to fight the last war and their word is victory, abortion ” a source in Juba told this reporter.

The opposition forces engaging the SPLA and the allied Mathianganyor militia group are said to be doing so just to divert the attention of the government fighters for Juba to remain vulnerable to any intruding force.


Machar’s trusted General Kenyi Loburong is said to be the man commanding forces currently only on defensive positions.

He has been the overall commander in confrontations between government and his IO forces in Jambo and Lanya for the last two days.


The opposition fighters readied for Juba are mostly carrying anti-gunship and anti-tankers conscious of the SPLA’s aerial power and the frequent use of armored fighting vehicles.

The United States Embassy in Juba on Saturday late afternoon issued a strong warning to the American citizens to avoid capital Juba.

It is just a matter of time for Juba to descend to the “worst” according to reliable security and diplomatic sources.

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