Teargas In Magere as Police Block Bobi Wine Manifesto Launch, Senyonyi Injured


A scuffle erupted Tuesday afternoon at the home of Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi in Magere, as police and the army blocked him from proceeding to Kamwokya.

Bobi Wine was delivered to his home from Kyambogo by Police at about 12:35pm.

He had earlier been arrested shortly after his nomination and bundled into a black police van.

In Magere however, Police blocked off the road and prevented Bobi Wine from departing to his NUP offices in Kamwokya where he was supposed to launch his manifesto.

Police fired teargas to disperse supporters as well as reporters who were demanding to access Bobi Wine’s residence.

A Police officer only identified as Angume who was commanding the operation, was accosted by Bobi Wine supporters who demanded to know why the police were blocking the manifesto launch.

Later on Bobi Wine joined the supporters outside and demanded to be escorted to Kamwokya


“Officer Angume I am a presidential candidate, I demand that you take me to my office,” he charged.

“If I am a criminal please arrest me.”

Meanwhile, NUP spokesman Joel Senyonyi said he was injured in the scuffle at Magere. Speaking to reporters he said he was struck by a projectile.

“I dont know what they hit me with, buy inside I am seriously injured ,” Senyonyi said showing his bleeding right leg.

By publication of this report, Bobi the stand off was still ongoing. Bobi Wine in the meantime was locked up in a stationary Police double cabin, whose tires were deflated by the angry supporters.


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