Teargas as Police Disperses Mourners at Funeral

Police in Rukiga District on Wednesday used tear gas to disperse mourners who turned up for the burial ceremony of an LC1 secretary.

Scores of mourners had turned up for the send-off of Muganda Kurineriyo, who was on the village council of Rugarama in Bukinda sub county.

He was on Sunday evening found dead in his bed.

On March 18th 2020, as part of the measures to combat the spread of Covid19, President Yoweri Museveni banned all public gatherings of more than five people. The gatherings included among others sports events, funerals and church congregations.

The mourners at Kurineriyo’s funeral had only washed their hands but couldn’t adhere to physical distancing, while many had no face masks.

Paul Bwambale, the Officer In-charge of Bukinda Police Station, said they gave the mourners guidelines to follow but they refused, forcing police to fire tear gas with intent to scatter the crowd.

After the mourners were dispersed, the burial ceremony resumed.

The LC Chairperson of Ayubu Sebowa said despite the ban on public gatherings, many people turned up for the burial because the deceased was a loving and trustworthy person in the area who was loved by the entire community.


Rev. Fr. Mark Masaba the Assistant Priesr r of Bukinda parish in Kabale diocese implored the public to respect the guidelines by President Museveni and the Ministry of health aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus.

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