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Team Uganda in Dire Need of Shs92m Ahead of Africa Motocross Championship

Lack of funds seems to be the only unifying factor for sports in Uganda. From football to rugby to athletes name it, one item at least makes them equal.

And ahead of the Motocross of African Nations due next month on 26th in Botswana, the Federation of Motorsport Uganda (FMU) and riders find themselves almost stuck with no funds.

Team captain Maximee Van Pee indicates that the minimum amount required for them to take part at the event is Shs92m.

“At the moment we are thinking about ninety two million as the least amount that we need to raise,” said Maximee.

“We have to transport the bikes to Botswana and at the moment, the realistic means is by road but we would have wished to transport by air,” he added.

Maximeee also states that the conditions will mean, the riders will not train for ten days when the bikes are transported.

“The bikes have to be going by August 15 meaning we shall not train for about ten days,” he said.

The contingent projected to go and compete in Botswana is of about 15 riders with about two or three in each category.

FMU President, Dusman Okee has called on government and well-wishers to come out and help the riders.

“I call upon the government, sponsors and stakeholders to come and raise funds for the team because they will be representing our country,” he noted.

The riders will compete this weekend in the 5th round of the MX championship in Garuga before shifting focus to the international event.

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