Teachers To Form Their Own Bank

Controversial city socialite and former wife to Don Ivan Semwanga Zari Hassan has again been caught in bitter feud this time with former one King Lawrence who is also a close friend to Ivan.
The two have been trading insults on social Media and counter accusing each other of being broke with Lawrence reaching to an extent of screen shooting Zari’s Message where she was begging him for money.

In the message she kept pestering Lawrence, adiposity remained reluctant and seemingly broke.
However, this Zari retaliated saying that King Lawrence is a mere driver and at times mingles posh at one of Ivan’s Colleges in South Africa.

Then things went a notch higher when Lawrence in return claimed to have slept with her for USD 5000

All this came after king Lawrence vowed to pay Zari’s new lover Diamond $ 40000 to leave her so that she focuses on her children.

Apparently one of Zari’s kids Didi recently broke down and wept asking why their mother abandoned them to extent that she has missed their birthdays.
Opposition political parties have rolled out a group of lawyers led by Ondella Ogalo to defend the outstanding victory of their joint Member of Parliament, abortion Lucy Akello who won the recently concluded Amuru district woman MP election.

Jane Frances Amongin Okili the NRM candidate who contested and lost to the opposition, sickness in her December 29, 2013 petition before Gulu High Court accused her rival and the Electoral Commission (EC) of connivance to ridge her votes.

“Ms Akello engaged in vote rigging, vote stuffing, and electoral malpractices, I am not satisfied with the electoral commission; it did not conduct the parliamentary elections for Amuru in accordance with the principles laid down in the Parliamentary Election Act,” she stated in her petition.

Opposition Democratic Party president Norbert Mao has told journalists in Kampala that the opposition is set to win the court case since all the grounds laid down in the petition are baseless.


“The grounds put down by Okili including ridiculing her during campaign by calling her a none-Acholi, are all baseless and only being used as a way of accounting for money that never resulted into victory,” Mao noted.

He added that it is now time to defend the victory of the people of Amuru: “Their victory is now being trampled upon which we shall not allow.”

FDC flag-bearer emerged victorious in the November polls beating the NRM candidate with over 600 votes garnering 7, 420 votes against 6, 761 votes.

However, it should be remembered that Women’s Democracy Network Uganda an NGO expressed discomfort over sectarian sentiments in the poll immediately after the elections.

“The ugly head of discrimination against women in politics reared its head yet again in the Amuru by-elections for district women MP,” said the NGO.

“The NRM candidate (Jane Francis Okilli) is from Teso but married to a person from Amuru while the opposition candidate (Lucky Akello) is a person from Amuru but married to an Itesot. The two camps used the marital status of the two women to discredit their candidature and yet the law is very clear on who can contest for election for the position of MP.”

Ugandan teachers under their umbrella association Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) have unveiled plans to start up their own banking institution, viagra dosage in the place of the teacher’s SACCOs.
This decision is a culmination of what they say is, physician utter mismanagement of President Museveni’s initiated Sacco, search by the trusted Authorities who are releasing money meant for teacher’s grants as loans.
In a meeting held yesterday afternoon with administrators of various Teachers’ SACCOs all over Uganda, UNATU General Secretary James Tweheyo decried the Ministry of Education officials’ interference with the administration of teacher’s SACCOs.

Tweheyo vowed to mobilize fellow teachers to form their own bank which would manage
their financial matters.
“We are annoyed with the way the [Education] Ministry is handling our resource affairs. The president promised that this money would come to us as grants but we are getting it in form of loans.

It raises the question of where the interests accruing from the loans will be going,” said Tweheyo.
He said that the teachers union would borrow the experiences from neighbouring Kenya and Tanzania where teacher started and run their own banks.

“UNATU has over 159000 members and if each member raises 10,000shs per month that will be about Sh1.6bn on a monthly basis. We shall also transfer all school accounts into the bank and all
school fees deposits will be done there.”


Josephine Nabuyungo
Josephine Nabuyungo

At the meeting, Nabuyungo Josephine, Chairperson Mukono-Kayunga SACCO denied allegations that her SACCO was one of the first two to benefit from the grant promised to teachers by President
Yoweri Museveni.
“Our SACCO has all along been borrowing money in form of Agricultural loans from the Microfinance support Centre on agreed interest rate and it is this money that we got. We got information that through microfinance support centre, Ministry of Education was going to disburse 6.8bn of the 10bn which was promised to the teachers by the president; which raises suspicion on who is holding the remaining 3.2bnshs” asked Nabuyungo.
Nabuyungo added that they will not go for this money until the whole policy as well as terms and conditions for accessing these fund s are revised.
“Money for the teacher’s SACCOs is at 12% interest rate yet money for other SACCOs from the Microfinance centre is 9% which worsens the situation,” she lamented.
The teachers agreed that for a meantime to suspend the borrowing of money from the microfinance
support centre by their SACCOs until their issues are addressed.


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