Teachers Day: UPC Calls for Review of Teacher Training Policy

As Ugandans mark and celebrate the World Day of Teachers, medications Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) party has called upon the NRM government to review the current policy of teacher training as a way of improving the quality of Education in the country.

The party Spokesperson, Michael Osinde Orach on Wednesday expressed fear that unless the criteria used to admit teachers for training is changed, the quality of education in the country will continue to dwindle.

This comes after recent reports that several teachers would not successfully pass Primary Leaving Examinations.

“We want to advise government on the criteria used while recruiting teachers for training; initially, the criteria used to be noble but currently, people go in for teaching as a last resort.

Osinde noted that, “In the Congress days, a teacher was an all-round person who would be well respected, a parent who would best handle children with passion to teach but currently due to rampant unemployment people who don’t even deserve to be teachers run to the profession as the last resort.”

Osinde said that this is so dangerous because it has greatly impacted on the quality of scholars who can’t favorably compete worldwide.

“Something needs to be done to review the criteria of admission with a view of recruiting people who love the profession rather than everybody because they want to get a job.”

Osinde has further advised government to step up motivation of teachers by ensuring attractive salaries and offering them better accommodation.

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