Taxi Drivers Vow to Increase Fares Over Police Order to Carry Only 9 Passengers

Taxi drivers have vowed to increase transport fares following a Police order instructing them to carry a maximum of 9 passengers.

The Police spokesperson Fred Enanga on Monday communicated the order issued by Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola.

Under the new order, commuter taxis that have been carrying 14 passengers are now supposed to carry a maximum of 9 passengers including a taxi conductor.

Enanga communicated that only two passengers are allowed on a seat.

This is meant to reduce on overcrowding in taxis which could lead to spread of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Today, the New taxi park Chairman Badul Sserunjojji told Chimpreports that the order will negatively affect them.

He added that if President Museveni approves it to take effect, they will abide by it but inflate the fares.

“If he (Museveni) approves it, we will abide by it. But us abiding by it, we will increase the fares so that our operations do not come to a standstill,” Ssewakiryanga told Chimpreports.


Asked what plans they have in case the State prohibits inflating of the transport costs, he said taxi operations will have been suspended.

Commenting on President Museveni’s advice to people to stop using public transport, he said the decision will hit most the ordinary people who don’t have their own cars.

“You will find a rich man having 6 cars in his home and ordinary citizen without even owning a bicycle. The concerns of an ordinary person should be looked into. Government has no public transport,” he said.

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