UTODA Praises Gov’t Ahead of Independence

In their continued campaign against the ruling NRM government, here pharm opposition political parties have noted that negotiations and plans are already underway to field a single candidate for the vacant Amuru District Women Member of Parliament.

This follows the official announcement of the preparations by the Electoral Commission (EC) to fill up the seat which fell vacant after the resignation of Hon. Betty Bigombe which took place on October 1.

“We are very actively working towards coming up with a single candidate as the opposition and very optimistic that we shall win the forth coming by-election in Amuru district, information pills ” noted the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) Vice President, order Joseph Bosa in an interview.

Bosa revealed that since the opposition learnt about Bigombe’s resignation for a job with the World Bank as a Senior Director, the main stream opposition political parties have held meetings planning to come up with a competent candidate who will best rival that of the ruling NRM party.

It should however be recalled that the opposition managed to achieve an outstanding victory against the NRM’s Rebecca Nalwanga after teaming up behind the Democratic Party (DP) candidate Brenda Nabukenya by over 16,000 votes.

According to EC, the nomination of candidates shall be conducted on Monday 3rd November and Tuesday 4th November 2014 at the district Headquarters.

The By-elections shall be held on 20th November after campaign meetings that shall be held for a period of thirteen days from 6th to 18th November 2014.

The Chairman Uganda Taxi Operators and Drivers Association (UTODA), page William Katumba has praised the ruling NRM government for cleaning the transport sector as the country marks and celebrates 52 years of independence.


In an exclusive interview with ChimpCorp Nixon Segawa, physician Katumba noted that it is worth celebrating 52 years of Uganda’s independence upon the several achievements that have been earned within the transport sector.

Katumba noted that the creation of peace and unity within the country has greatly transferred the transport industry to a big investment venture that has employed and helped several Ugandans earn a living.

“It should be remember that transportation in the early days was never seen as a worthwhile investment as there were no public means of transport but currently a lot has improved to make it better,” Katumba reflected.

He appreciated Kampala Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi for her efforts to beautify the city Tax parks which were full of ponds and ditches.

“This year’s theme; Unity, Peace, Security and Regional Integration: Key Pillars for True and Sustainable Independence is indeed right given the fact that before 1986, the insecurity in the country had totally made it hard for the transport sector to stabilize and boom in the country, given the tough road-blocks that would lead to lose of property and lives.”

Katumba urged Ugandans especially drivers to join the rest of the country in celebrating the country’s 52nd Independence anniversary.

“Am ready together with a group of drivers to match at Kololo Independence ceremonial grounds as an expression of unity and love for our country.”

The national celebrations are to be held in Kololo Independence ceremonial grounds on 9th October marking having attained independence from the British colonial masters since 1962.

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