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Tanzania’s Justice Minister Balozi Mahiga Collapses and Dies in Dodoma

Tanzania’s Minister for Constitutional and Legal Affairs Augustine Phillip Balozi Mahiga has passed on.

President John Magufuli said in a statement that Mahiga collapsed at his home in Dodoma before being pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

Magufuli paid a special tribute to Mahiga and consoled the bereaved family.

The death comes just says after two lawmakers succumbed to Coronavirus this week.

Tanzania has been slowly turning into an epicenter of the novel virus.

However, President John Pombe Magufuli has refused to put the country in a lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus which has killed almost 500 people in Tanzania.

Public transport and social gatherings are allowed in Tanzania while other countries have moved fast to avoid crowded places and rolled out mass testing.

Dozens of Tanzanian truck drivers have tested positive for Coronavirus in Uganda and Rwanda.

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