Tanzanian Actress Wema Sepetu to Spend Seven Days in Prison

Famous actress Wema Sepetu will be spending seven days behind bars for failing to appear in court.


The incident comes after a Kisutu Resident Magistrate ordered Sepetu’s arrest for skipping a court appearance in a case where an intimate video of her and the then boyfriend, Patrick was leaked online.


A warrant of arrest was thereby issued after the prosecution argued that she had gone against her bail terms.


Her lawyer, Reuben Simwanza on the other hand argued that his client had intended to show up but fell sick and had to go back home.



Wema’s woes began in October 2018 after her Instagram account was allegedly hacked and a raunchy video of her in a sex tape was uploaded.


As punishment, she was banned from participating in any film-related works indefinitely with a fine of Tsh10 M.


The ban was six months later lifted but the case still remains pending in court.


The actress was in tears as prison wardens escorted her out of the court room.


She will remain locked up until June 24 when her bail hearing is set.

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