Tanga Cancels Nomination Of NRM Youth MP Contender For Altering Age

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party Electoral Commission Chairman Dr Tanga has canceled the nomination of Mr Abdul George for NRM primaries youth Member of Parliament for Northern Uganda.

In a statement, Odoi said that his Commission found out that in 2016, Abdul George participated in the election as Youth MP for Northern Uganda with the National Electoral Commission as an independent candidate where he declared his age as being 29 years.

Odoi noted that Abdul George further submitted documents of Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) from Dr Obote Boroboro 2008 which shows his age to be 22 years.

“The Commission under MIN.NRMEC056/2020 decided to denominate Mr Abdul George for NRM primaries Youth Member of Parliament Northern Region on grounds that Mr Abdul George does not meet the requisite age requirements to participate in the aforementioned youth elections,” said Odoi.

He added that Abdul George submitted his National ID TIN number CM86022102T4RE indicating his date of birth to be 6th October 1986, which places him at 33 years old today.

“The same Abdul George caused change of his date of birth from 6th October 1986 to 6th October 1991. The Commission finds that for Abdul George to claim that he is 29 years old, it would mean that he started school at the age of 3 years which is practically impossible. It would also not tally with all his academic documents stating he was 29, 4 years ago,” Odoi added.

Furthermore, the NRM Electoral Commission chairman noted that Abdul George amended his age details to be able to amend his voter registration details so as to lower his age to 29, the same age he was in 2016.

“The Commission notes that to keep Abdul George in the race for NRM primaries Youth Member of Parliament would cause unnecessary embarrassment to the NRM as all documents he submitted before are consistent with him being born in 1986,” Odoi concluded.

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