Tales From the Ever Green Kalangala

Why wait for honeymoon or to accumulate sacks of money before you visit the magnificent islands of Kalangala?

Kalangala District is made up of 84 scattered islands on Lake Victori, 63 of which are inhabited. The biggest and most popular one being Ssese island which covers 296 square kilometers (63%) of the district land mass.

The iconic Bugala  island, once known for its popular brothels and as a home to fisher men, has taken on a new name as a popular tourist destination and recently it popped on my radar.

Sunset in Kalangala

Last weekend I and my companions, courtesy of Travel with Darius TV, set off for an excursion to the ever green Kalangala District Bugala island.

For the second time, I was visiting Kalangala and neither had I won a lottery nor was I on honeymoon. This simply means; if you’re a person like me, craving for a quiet and peaceful place to relax, Kalangala is the ideal paradise to visit and at an reasonable fee.

We set off at 8:00AM from Kampala to Masaka.

How to get there

I got an opportunity to use both the Masaka ferry and the Entebbe ferry.

The ferry from Kalangala to Entebbe

The Masaka route, took us roughly two hours from Kampala to Bukakata, where we boarded a ferry, which was free of charge to Bugala Island.  It takes about 30 minutes of sailing.

Another ferry leaves Nakiwogo landing site in Entebbe every day at 2:00PM and arrives in Bugala  at 5: 30PM, one-way ticket costs Shs 10,000 and Shs 14,000 for the economy and first class respectively.

If you’re not good at keeping time, be sure to use the Masaka route, because chance has it ,that you may get to the next ferry.

While at the Island

At the island we had the pleasure to be hosted at the Victoria Forest Resort, a beautiful luxury resort with a cozy environment.

Victoria Forest Resort

The Resort is immersed in the middle of nature; cool breezes and tasty food.

As for the rooms and mine in particular; awesome.

The resort also has the longest white sand beach on the island.

What to do in Ssese

On Day 2 of our stay in Ssese, we visited Luggo forest, which is an important part of the Buganda kingdom because it’s where they extract the Ddamula stick which the Kabaka of Buganda hands over to the Katikkiro.

According to Kassim, our tour guide of the day, the Ddamula is a symbol of power and after extracting it from Luggo forest, it’s taken for cleansing in a spring that never dry’s.

From there we visited the Mapeera’s site. This is where white catholic preachers first docked in Uganda, from Tanzania.

Mapeera church

During their journey, they met a storm and their boat was damaged, so they decided to seek shelter at the island.

Having never seen white people, the “Omutaka” (chief) was scared and pulled out his drum to summon the locals.

“The white father pulled out a sigh of the cross and some how the locals understood them so they helped them get on land and even repaired their boat. They also helped the visitors with the direction to the Kabaka of Buganda,” narrated the guide.

One of the best spots to take awesome pictures

Other activities you can do at the Island include fishing, boat cruise, quad biking, nature walks, bicycle riding.

Hey you can also do a mini shopping of fresh food stuffs like fish, pineapples, yellow bananas and many others.

All photos by Darius Tv

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