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Taban Deng Survived Government Assassination in Feb – Gen. Barpiny

The South Sudanese Vice President, illness Gen. Stephen Taban Deng was supposed to be assassinated on his arrival to Juba in February this year.

The SPLA Deputy Chief of General Staff for Moral Orientation Let. Gen. Barpiny Mantuil Wicjeng, who resigned and fled from Juba over the weekend, has revealed that Taban, who returned to the country in February as part of the rebel advance team was only lucky to have survived death.

Gen. Barpiny said on 29th February of this year he received the intelligence report penned by the Presidential Advisor, Tut Gatluak and Unity State Governor, Dr. Joseph Nguen to President Salva Kiir for the elimination of Taban Deng.

“On 29th February 2016, I obtained a report written by Tut and Governor Nguen with the recommendation that Taban Deng (who had just come to Juba with the advanced team of the SPLM in opposition) should be assassinated,” Gen. Barpiny said in his resignation letter that ChimpReports has a copy.

Taban led Dr. Riek Machar’s advance team from Addis Ababa when the opposition agreed to return to Juba to implement the peace agreement signed in August 2015.

The former Deputy Chief of General Staff added that the same report also endorsed his arrest and two other SPLM senior officers including Major Generals Stephen Buay and Joseph Manyuat Manydhol.

This website understands the two generals were commanding government forces in the oil rich Unity State.

“They wanted Maj. Gen. Buay, Maj. Gen. Manyuat and I to be arrested after the assassination.”


If the report is true, it’s likely only President Kiir who had seen Taban as a potential future ally, who saved the latter’s life.

Subsequently, Taban controversially replaced Machar as the First Vice President in August when the latter fled from Juba.

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