Business Marketplace Partners with Longhorn to Sell Books Online marketplace has partnered with Longhorn Publishers Uganda to enable the public procure books for their children online.

Currently, parents have to walk or drive long distances to visit bookshops to select books for their children.

And in most cases, some books are not provided on shelves due to lack of adequate space in physical bookshops.

This situation appears to be changing with Longhorn Publishers Uganda inking a deal with, Uganda’s fastest growing online marketplace, to sell books online.

“All one needs is to visit and search for longhorn books. They will find hundreds of quality educational books to help and guide our children throughout their education,” said CEO, Camble Hope on Wednesday.

“You will then make a payment for the books as guided on after which the books will be delivered to your home/workplace within a period of 24 hours,” he added.

Camble further said the books are being sold at affordable prices to enable parents buy in bulk for their children stranded at home during COVID-19 pandemic.

Musa Illungole, 41, an educationist, says parents need to keep their children busy at home during this long holiday.

One can now buy Longhorn books online using marketplace

“The idea of parents ordering for books online is a game changer in our country’s education sector. For the first time, one can find thousands of educational books in a central place and have them delivered at their places of abode or work in a short period of time,” said Illungole.

“The moment kids get bored with old books, you click on for more. No more stress of looking for books. This also reduces the burden of walking to bookshops and minimizes risks of contracting COVID-19 in congested areas especially in Kampala,” added Illungole.

Martha Orishaba, 35, a mother of four in Kitintale, Kampala, says since the COVID-19 lockdown in March, she has been buying items including books on which have been delivered at a free cost.

“I rarely move out of my home because delivers almost everything I need, including electronics, books, kids’ clothes, beddings, beauty products, household items and beverages at good prices you can’t find anywhere else. The partnership with Longhorn is really timely since moving from one bookshop to another is really hectic,” said Orishaba.

Some of the Longhorn books on include the Longhorn Thematic Mathematics Course Books, Thematic English Course Books, Little Birds: Mathematics Activities for Day Care, Nursery Rhymes and Colouring Book, Pre School Language Activities Work book and Njeri Visits Grandmother among others.

Suubula which runs a store in Ntinda, recently partnered with Coca Cola, Zenith, Fine Spinners and Simi Phones, to sell beverages, electronics and garments among others online.

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