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Suspects Arrested in Sheikh Bahiga Killing

Police have commenced investigations into circumstances under which a one Ismail Ssebugwawo was beaten to death, erectile Chimp Corps report.

Relatives of the deceased on Tuesday afternoon gathered at Mulago Referral Hospital mortuary where they were handed the body.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed the death but said he could not make further comments as the alleged incident occurred outside his area of jurisdiction.

Police publicist Fred Enanga was not readily available for comment.

Officials said Ismail was ambushed by people who were travelling on boda bodas before beating him up till he fell into coma.

He was pronounced dead at Mulago Hospital.

Authorities said contrary to claims by relatives, ailment there is no evidence to suggest that Ssebugwawo was a victim of his faith.

Officials further stated that he was not a cleric as earlier claimed.


Ssebugwawo was a resident of Kalungu district. The incident comes against the backdrop of increased killings of Muslim leaders in Uganda.

Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura has since attributed the increased murder cases to rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) operating in the country.

“While we are not ruling out other motives in individual cases, pharm there is strong evidence linking these murders to Al Qaeda affiliate ADF,” Kayihura explained while addressing journalists at the Police Headquarters in Naguru last week.
Police has revealed that a number of suspects have been arrested following the murder of Sheikh Mustafah Bahiga who was gunned down recently at Bwebajja along Entebbe road.

In an interview with ChimpReports on Tuesday, buy more about Deputy Police spokesperson Polly Namaye explained that immediately after the murder, investigations kicked off and have since led to arrest of some key suspects.

“We are looking at people who could be an organized group like ADF or any other attempting to cause harm to the Muslim community   and we have arrested suspects in the murder but the their number we can’t divulge as investigations are still ongoing,” Namaye revealed .

However, according to the Deputy Police mouthpiece, the gun used in the murder has not been recovered but expressed hope the weapon will be traced.

Namaye further urged Muslim leaders to remain vigilant and watch out on the people they move with as these could be wrong elements.

“They should be careful while walking and the people they talk to as these might divulge information to wrong elements who in turn might cause problems.”

She further noted that the police VIPP unit has provided security to all Muslim leaders in the country and added that these are both uniform and non-uniform officers in a bid to protect them.

Sheikh Mustafah Bahiga was on the night of  28 December  killed at Bwebajja Tawfiq mosque by unknown assailants, who according to police, were riding on a motorcycle.

“He had travelled with 3 other family members who at this time had already entered the mosque as he stayed behind in his Toyota Noah talking on phone. As the Sheikh arranged to disembark from the car, 2 unknown assailants who were riding on a motorcycle shot him 6 times using an AK47 riffle before taking off,” Police spokesperson Fred Enanga explained while addressing journalists at Naguru last week.

According to the police spokesperson, witnesses who heard gunshots rushed to the scene and tried to take Bahiga to a nearby health facility for first aid where they were referred to Kibuli Hospital.

Unfortunately the Sheikh died on his way to the hospital.

Six Muslim clerics have been shot dead since 2012.

They include Sheikh Abdu Karim Ssentamu, Haji Abasi Abubaker Kiwewa, Yunus Madungo, Sheikh Abdul Khadir Muwaya and Sheikh Mustafah Bahiga.

The Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura last week attributed the killings to ADF.

“While we are not ruling out other motives in individual cases, there is strong evidence linking these murders to Al Qaeda affiliate ADF,” Kayihura explained while addressing journalists at the Police Headquarters in Naguru.

“We have credible intelligence which indicates that the majority of these clerics have been targeted because of their refusal to embrace extremist theocratic ideology; one which promotes the use of violence and terrorism as a tool of social, religious and political change.”

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