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Suspected Rwandan Conman ‘Extorting Money’ From Women Using ‘Private Photos’

Police in Kampala are investigating a man of Rwandan origin for allegedly duping and conning unsuspecting Ugandan ladies of huge sums of money using their private pictures.

Khalid Hategekimana, who purports to be a businessman in Kampala, is being hunted by Jinja Road police for alleged extortion.

Sources reveal that he has been reported by several ladies who claim that he wants to use their photos for commercial benefit.

The victims claim that Khalid usually befriends and takes them to hotels, where he obtains their photos before selling them to tabloids if the victims don’t compromise him.

He is said to have a lengthy police record where his file is being handled by a CID chief only identified as Agaba of Jinja Road Police Station.

ChimpReports has since learnt that Khalid was questioned by a CID officer only identified as Agaba at Jinja Road police station last week.

Whereas Khalid denies the charges, Agaba wondered why he was always being reported over similar cases.

“Why is it that you are always brought here over women’s pictures?” Agaba quizzed Khalid.

“Of all people, why you?” the officer pressed harder. But Khalid repeatedly denied the claims.

It remains unclear why Agaba is yet to take action about the suspect’s file.

Khalid usually hangs out in posh nightspots including Brisk, Guvnor and Liquid Silk.

It is also alleged he uses Photoshop and other graphics editing techniques to make people shirtless or nude in fake posts.


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