Suspected Robber Shot Dead While Attempting to Grab Gun from Security Guard

A security guard from GKO security has Friday morning shot dead a suspected robber who was attempting to disarm him.

The incident has been confirmed by Kampala Metropolitan Police saying that Bugolobi Police Station received information of an alleged shooting at Land Mark Hostel Nakawa.

The incident, Police says happened at around 5:30 am when three unknown thugs accessed Land Mark Hostel in Nakawa which mainly houses MUBS students.

The Hostel is guarded by private guards from GKO security company.

“It is alleged that the thugs used master keys to further access rooms of the two female students, who were also in their rooms deep asleep,” said Kampala deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire

According to Owoyesigire, the thugs robbed the student’s property including phones and a laptop.

“The guard later saw them running away from the scene. He ordered them to stop but instead one of the thugs turned against him and attempted to disarm him,” he said

The guard amidst struggle managed to overpower the suspected thug and shot him.


The other two suspects consequently took off having realised that the third one had been shot.

The deceased is still unknown as he had no identification document on him.

One laptop and 4 mobile phones that had been stolen from the students’ rooms have been recovered and identified by the owners.

A gun serial number UG POL 12084537 00236 which the deceased attempted to grab from the guard was recovered having been partially damaged by the deceased. It has since been exhibited.


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