Suspected Measles Reported at Amuru School

A suspected  Measles outbreak   has been reported at Labongogali Primary School in Pabbo Sub-county in Amuru district where a total over 100 pupils have reportedly been affected.

This was revealed by Mr. Apollo Okello Kagwa, the Secretary for Health, Education and Sports for Amuru district while speaking to Journalist from Gulu town.

Mr. Okello says the suspected cases of Measles in the school started two weeks ago when pupils begun experiencing rushes and fevers at an increasing rate.

He added that the district has sent a team of experts to establish the cause of the disease which has left many pupils unable to attend school.

Mr. Okello who doubles as Councilor for Amuru sub-county said that the district has been at risk, being that it borders South Sudan where many mothers come in with their children that have not been vaccinated.

So far the district has confirmed 10 cases Measles in different sub counties.

In 2018, the district took 50 samples for testing at Uganda Virus Research Institute and 5 cases where found to be positive with the virus.

In May 2018, the Ministry of Health declared an outbreak of Measles in 26 districts across the Country and Amuru was one of the most affected.


Measles is an infectious viral disease causing fever and red rash. It affects mostly children below the age of 5 and it can also affect those below age of 14.

The disease normally spreads through the air by respiratory droplets produced from coughing or sneezing.

The World Health organization reported a spike of Measles outbreak in 2017 where about 110,000 deaths were recorded globally and majority were Children under the age of five.

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