Suspected Covid-19 Patients Hold Demo Over Poor Feeding

A total of 63 people being quarantined in Gulu district have threaten to escape from the isolation facility over poor feeding.

The people, who came into contact with truck drivers that tested positive of COVID-19, have been quarantined at Gulu College of Health Science.

However, on Wednesday, the group started demonstrating, claiming that they were being fed on only posho and beans, which they claim are also poorly cooked.

This prompted police to deploy at the facility. Aswa Regional Police spokesman Jimmy Patrick Okema confirmed the deployment, saying it is intended to stop those who are protesting and those that wanted to leave the centre.

Gulu RDC, also District Task force Chairperson Maj Santo Okot Lapolo acknowledged that they lack basics in place at the quarantine centre.

“We are running the centre with limited resources we have been  able to get from well-wishers  at the district level, the  Shs 165 Million  from the centre we have not used it yet due to the conflicting guidelines from the ministry of Finance and Ministry of Local government,’’ he said.

Gulu District Health Officer Yoweri Idiba said they are overwhelmed by the numbers of suspects at the quarantine centre yet they have limited resources.

“We are reaching out to well-wishers to give a helping hand at this time, we need to change toe died of the suspects,’’ he said.

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