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Suspected Al Shabaab Terrorists Plead for Bail


President Yoweri Museveni has been nominated for the International Kim II Sung Prize in recognition of his contribution to independent development of African countries, physician as well as peace and prosperity in Uganda.

The Award was instituted  in honor of President Kim’s leadership, devotion to Korea’s prosperity and independence as well as his contributions to the global peace, security and progress .

The nomination by the International Kim II Sung Prize Council was signed by the Council’s Secretary General, Mukesh Sharma.

Prof. Ri Song Chol, the secretary general of Korean Association of Social Scientists revealed this to the Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda during a meeting at the Office of the Prime Minister on Friday.

The Prize is normally awarded to prominent figures of political social and academic circles of countries who made tangible contributions in the struggle for independence.

President Museveni is expected to receive the Award in April, 2015. Other leaders who have ever received this award include the founding President of the Republic of Namibia, Dr. Sam Nujoma in 2008 and the Great King of Cambodia, Norodom Sihanouk in 2012.



The delegation of Korean Association of Social Scientists (KASS) led by Prof. Chol has been in the country to conduct seminars on the Juche philosophy at Makerere University, Kyambogo University and Makerere University Business School at the invitation of the Uganda Government and Juche Uganda Chapter.


The Juche Philosophy, which was authored by President Kim II Sung of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, means that the masters of the revolution and construction are the masses of the people.


The Juche idea puts emphasis on independence and self-reliance of the people, which Uganda and Africa as a whole could emulate.


Premier Rugunda, while receiving the Korean Social Scientists, said North Korea had made significant development of their country and was a close friend of Uganda and Africa since the liberation struggles.


“We look forward for strong party-to-party relations and country-to-country relations based on equality, mutual benefit and mutual respect,” said Premier Rugunda.


He also thanked the International Kim II Prize Council for recognising President Museveni, adding that Uganda had made significant progress towards the transformation of the country.


Prof. Ri Song hailed Uganda for the political stability and endowment with natural resources which could transform the country.


He said their goal was not to impose the Juche idea on Uganda but to allow Ugandans choose the best lessons from their philosophy which promotes principles of independence, self-reliance and self-defence.


He said Uganda had many young and academically competent people with the potential to contribute to the development of the country if well mobilised.


The meeting was also attended, among others, by the Minister of State for Regional Affairs, Asuman Kiyingi, the Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Korea, Myong Kyong Chol, the Commissioner for Patriotism Clubs in President’s Office, Lt Col. Henry Masiko, and officials from the NRM Secretariat.


An angry mob stormed the residence of a suspected witch doctor identified as Muhammad Kararo with an intention of lynching him and burning his shrine accusing him of bringing evil spirits locally known as ‘mayembe’ to their locality.

The residents who said that the spirits had caused a number of mysterious deaths and sicknesses to their village reached Kararo’s home but found that he had already run away with his family after being told of their move.

The angry mob burnt his house which doubled as his shrine and also cut down his banana plantation and slaughtered 25 goats which were found at the home.

The locals said that Kararo had been warned by the area traditional and ordered to take away his spirits which he promised to do in a week’s time.

Area Sub county Councillor, sales Laban Katebaka told ChimpReports that the move was sparked by the fact that Kararo would blatantly rejoice every time there was news of a mysterious death in the area and that he always advised that residents with such mysterious sicknesses should be brought to his shrine other than being taken to Hospital.

He also blamed the locals for cutting down the banana plantation saying that that alone would not save them from the spirits.

Lyantonde District Police Commander Tomath Eyeku, confirmed that 7 suspects had been detained for further investigations.

Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze and former spymaster Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi have intensified mobilisation campaigns to dismantle former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s grassroot structures which he had put in place to popularise his candidacy ahead of the 2016 presidential elections, pharm Chimp Corps report.

The two officials were deployed by President Museveni early this month in western Uganda to identify Mbabazi’s mobilisers and woo them back to the mainstream NRM.

They were also instructed to assess Mbabazi’s strength in the region which he is expected to use as a launch pad for his presidential bid.

State House sources told this investigative website on Saturday that Muhwezi and Tumwebaze will at the end of the month compile a report for the president and make recommendations for action against Mbabazi.

Museveni’s decision was hinged on intelligence, ed showing that Mbabazi’s allies on September 29 met at Lena Hotel in Kyenjojo District to form District Task Forces under the name ‘NRM Hard Core’  to mobilise support for the embattled Secretary General.

Chaired by a one Rogers Kasolo, and the meeting was attended by Patrick Musiime, Rose Kabatembuzi and Salume Kunihira among others.

A one William Mpamizo would head mobilisation of the “Bafuruki “.

5 days earlier, the group reportedly hosted some members of Tooro Kingdom from different Districts but exhibited interest in Kamwenge district, where Tumwebaze is the MP for Kibaale Constituency.

Sources said 11 councillors and the Speaker of the Council were handed shs500, 000 each purposely to fight Hon. Tumwebaze and ensure he does not return to Parliament in 2016.

Minister Hope Mwesigye has been doing clandestine work for Mbabazi especially in Kigezi region
Minister Hope Mwesigye has been doing clandestine work for Mbabazi especially in Kigezi region

Mbabazi was sacked almost a fortnight ago and replaced by his close friend and fellow NRA historical Dr Ruhakana Rugunda.

The sacking touched off a political storm, with many fearing that a power struggle between Museveni and Mbabazi would spell doom for the ruling party.

Destroying Mbabazi

In a bid to uproot Mbabazi’s structures, Muhwezi and Tumwebaze are carrying a specific message for NRM leaders from President Museveni that the former premier was a traitor and abused his position to topple the party chairman.

Mbabazi is also blamed for the poor performance of some NRM members in by-elections and failure to recruit new members.

The once powerful ‘super minister’ is also accused of not popularising the Kyankwanzi resolution fronting Museveni as the party’s sole candidate in the 2016 elections.

He is also faulted for hiding the NRM party members’ register from President Museveni.

Sources also pointed out that Mbabazi is being blamed for the formation of cliques in NRM and sabotaging the political careers of those opposed to him.

Mbabazi’s secret mobilisation strategy is said to have shocked President Museveni thus mobilising resources for Tumwebaze and Muhwezi to strengthen structures in western Uganda.

Richard Todowng and Sam Engola are handling Northern Uganda while Rosemary Namayanja is dealing with Buganda Region.

Inside Mbabazi’s mobilisation strategy

According to the intelligence report seen by Chimpreports, on September 6, Mbabazi’s wife, Jacqueline met her husband’s supporters at Tooro Royal Cottages in Kabarole district.

She reportedly informed them about the progress of the 2016 project, saying come rain or shine; Mbabazi had to stand in 2016 through NRM structures to defeat President Museveni.

Jacqueline went ahead to inform the Mbabazi’s loyalists about the alleged misuse of public funds given to President Museveni’s allies from his tribe.

She reminded the members of the 2 million seedlings of coffee they had received from Hon. Mbabazi as a person and not the Office of Prime Minister and told them that “other things are coming.”

The firebrand woman, who raised eyebrows when she accused NRM of operating mafia cliques to mistreat her husband, also informed supporters that they distributed several motorcycles to the kingdom of Tooro through Prime Minister Steven Kaliba and that he would distribute them equally to the seven Districts of the monarchy on loan.

She also informed them that in October 2014, each district of Uganda would get a vehicle for the district task force for easy mobilization.

Last month, a group of 32 people from Kyenjojo District went to Mbabazi’s place in Kololo where he reportedly thanked them for being loyal to him and promised that he will not betray them in 2016 elections.

Jacqueline informed them about their work plans and how they should quietly popularize her husband’s candidature in the district.

They were also tasked to “identify popular people and mobilize them” for the same cause so that they can meet Mbabazi physically.

They were also told to mobilize district Councillors and other people to stand for positions of NRM so that Mbabazi’s allies are the majority in national delegates’ conference.

Jim Muhwezi is also part of the team uprooting Mbabazi's structures
Jim Muhwezi is also part of the team uprooting Mbabazi’s structures

She informed her visitors that Amama will be become the president through the structures of NRM and that vehicles would soon be imported for proper mobilization of people.

Some of the people who attended the meeting were a one Mpamizo, Muhumuza, Prosper and Sanyu.

They were given sh.300, 000 each as their facilitation of transport and accommodation


Tumwebaze and Bahati meeting journalists in Kabale recently
Tumwebaze and Bahati meeting journalists in Kabale recently

On September 13, Jacqueline and Hon. Hope Mwesigye moved to popularize Mbabazi’s presidential bid through Miss Kigezi that was planned by Banyakigezi in London last month.

Miss Kigezi was given a Nadia Brand vehicle by Mbabazi’s family on top of fuel for the whole year.

On September 14, Hope Mwesigye organized her supporters who included district Councillors totalling 32 people at their elder’s sister Joy Zatwoshaho’s place in Mwanjari, Southern Division.

They agreed to mobilize other district Councillors to support Mbabazi in 2016, identify other good mobilizers so that Mbabazi can as well meet them physically.

They were promised to be equipped with information to show that government sponsored students are mainly from one tribe in western Uganda and that top government jobs are given to members of the same ethnic group.

They were told that very soon, they would receive several vehicles for mobilization before being handed shs 50,000 as transport refund.

It is on the basis of these reports that Museveni decided to crack the whip.

Also realising that Mbabazi had abused his position as Secretary General, the NRM constitution will soon be amended to allow the chairman appoint the SG.

It remains unclear if Mbabazi will stand for President in 2016. He maintains he will not contest against Museveni but the president’s strategists believe he is not telling the whole truth.
The War Crime Division of the High Court in Kampala has set November 7 as the date to deliver its ruling on the bail application by 5 suspected Al Shabaab terrorists who were arrested recently in Kisenyi, check a Kampala suburb.

The 5 suspects including Abdi Abdulahi Bootan(26), order Muhamad Ahmed Gele(28), Yasmin Abdullahi(20), Hodan Ahmed Dahir  and Muhamad Yusuf Farah(31) through their lawyers led by David Mushabe told court on Friday that the offence is bailable as its their right  as they await trial.

They each brought two sureties but on verification the suspects didn’t have permanent places of residence within the court’s jurisdiction whereas some of them had only spent two days in the country prior to their arrest.

In her submission, the Principal State Attorney Vicky Nabisenke  urged Justice Moses Mukiibi  not to grant the suspects bail stressing that they didn’t have substantial sureties and they had only spent little time on remand.

On 13th September 2014, Uganda police swung into action and arrested 19 suspected Al Shabaab terrorists from their cell in Kisenyi a Kampala suburb.

According to sources in police, the suspects targeted Kampala shopping malls.

Prosecution alleges that the suspects from September 2011 up to September 2014 in various places of Uganda, Kenya and Somalia aided, abetted and rendered to support Al Shabaab group knowing that this would be used for preparation and commission of terrorism contrary to section 8 of the Anti -Terrorism Act of 2002.

Prosecution further alleges that the group between 2010 and September 2014, they belonged to Al Quaeda and Al Shabaab terrorist organizations listed under the Anti – Terrorism Act 2002 in the laws of Uganda .

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