Suspect Commits Suicide Inside Cell.

Thousands of mourners Friday afternoon gathered in grief at the Kibuli Mosque in Kampala to mourn the departed Supreme Mufti Sheikh Zubairi Kayongo who passed away in Tanzania on Thursday.

The event attracted Muslims, stuff and other religious denomination leaders, government and opposition politicians, and many other sympathizers.

It was also one of the rare occasions where the Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga got to meet with President Yoweri Museveni, whom he clearly was longing to.

The latter was of course, not present when Buganda celebrated its king’s 60th birthday in Mengo earlier this week. And yet in his absence, President Museveni handed out perhaps the second biggest birthday gift of the day to the king – a brand new V8 Toyota Land Cruiser apparently going for more than Shs 400million.

JUST A MINUTE: Peter Mayiga was seen tight-marking the President
JUST A MINUTE: Peter Mayiga was seen tight-marking the President

The tight wheels Museveni said in his message were to help the King move around his territory and foster development amongst his subjects.

Naturally it seemed, the Prime Minister was most obliged to extend his gratitude to the President, and when the opportunity presented its self, he grabbed it.

After the prayers at the Kibuli Mosque, Mayiga was seen tight marking the President, and later whispering perhaps some thank you’s to the big man.

Sejusa shakes hands with Gen Moses Ali
Sejusa shakes hands with Gen Moses Ali

Meanwhile the occasion also presented some other extraordinary meetings, for instance renegade Gen David Sejusa got to shake hands again with Gen Moses Ali.


Also in attendance were former FDC President Col Kizza Besigye, and the former Kampala Mayor Al Hajj Nasser Ntege Ssseaggala.



Investigations are under way to ascertain what caused the death of a suspect who was being held at Kinoni police station in Masaka district.

Nusula Tusaba, no rx 26, was found dead yesterday in a cell where she was being held and it is suspected that the deceased hanged her self.

Her body was found with a piece of cloth a round the neck, which police believes police suspects that she used to commit suicide.

According to Noah Sserunjojji, the greater Masaka police spokesperson, the suspect was being held alone in the cell. She was brought at the station on charges of assault and vandalizing property of her husband.

Apparently the deceased and his husband picked up a fight after she found out he picked on another woman and as soon as she learnt of it, she vandalized house hold items.

Matters were reported to police who came and arrested her, but yesterday morning 16th April, an officer who had a night duty at this station discovered her in the morning, dead inside the cell.


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