Criminal Gang Suspect Tells Kayihura: We are Commanded by Police

A suspected criminal this Monday morning left journalists choking on laughter at a press conference convened by police boss Gen Kale Kayihura after revealing that gangs terrorising different parts of Central Uganda were being led by police officers.

Juma Muyirwa, treat who was among the 30 suspects paraded by Gen Kayihura at Katwe Police Station, order said the gangs’ planning meetings are usually addressed by men wearing police uniform and guarded by patrol cars.

“I was seated at home along Sir Apollo Kaggwa road and someone picked me to go for work,” 22-year old Juma told the attentive journalists.

“We were taken to Mt. Zion Hotel in Kampala from where we would be taken to Masaka for work. I found many other colleagues confined and at the entrance were police guards who never allowed anyone from getting out,” he added.

According to the suspect, the police guards at the exit had strict orders of shooting to kill anyone who dared leave the room.

Asked by journalists to explain how the said men were dressed, Juma pointed at the khaki cap of one of the policemen present at the police conference.

“They were dressed like him in khaki,” he said.

Realising that the confession was embarrassing, a police operations officer called Juma back to retract his statement.


Juma identified two private security guards whom he said were part of the criminal network.

The police boss however refuted the claims saying the suspect was mistaken.

“If you have got evidence of a police officer involved in criminality, I will deal with them,” Kayihura noted.

The incident comes against the backdrop of President Museveni’s concerns that the police was infiltrated by criminals.

The gangs have perpetrated terror in Masaka, Kampala, Wakiso and Mbarara, killing dozens of innocent people.

In some extreme cases, the gangs have circulated leaflets warning the public of impending attacks and have lived up to the threats.

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