Supreme Court to Rule on Age Limit Amendment Case This Week

The Supreme Court has finally set the 18th April 2019 as the date at which it will deliver the long awaited judgement on an appeal challenging the decision of the constitutional court ruling on the presidential Age Limit amendment case

In the ruling notice dated 15th January 2019 signed by the Registrar of the Supreme Court Anguardia Opifemi, all the three appellants have been asked to attend or send a representative on that day.

“Take notice that the judgement of this appeal has been fixed for the 18th day April 2019 at 10am o’clock.

On January 16th 2019 seven judges of the Supreme Court led by Chief justice Hon Bart Katureebe concluded the hearing of this appeal and promised to deliver the judgement on notice.

With over two months of waiting, one of the appellants Male Mabirizi ran out of patience recently and complained to the Chief Justice in writing.

This morning the Male petitioned high court over the same issue.

The appeal before supreme court was a result of the majority Constitutional Court verdict which upheld Constitutional amendments regarding the lifting of the Presidential Age limit.

Other   appellants in the matter included 6 opposition Members of Parliament led by former Leader of opposition Hon Winnie Kiiza and the Uganda Law society.

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