Supreme Court to Hear Age Limit Case in January

The Supreme Court has set the 15th January next year for commencement of the hearing of three appeals, which were filed before this court challenging the decision of the Constitutional Court judges to uphold the constitutional amendment that removed presidential age limit by Parliament.

The date was agreed upon by all the seven Supreme Court judges led by Chief justice Bart Katureebe and the lawyers representing all the appellants, during a pre-hearing conferencing at the court.

Earlier, the Attorney General William Byaruhanga has presented to court a number of issues which all parties in this matter agreed upon.

The issued included consolidating the three appeals into one, which court accepted; and merging the grounds of appeal by the three parties to eight to save court’s time.

Meanwhile, the justices issued strict guidelines to be followed by the appellants, failure of which their appeals will be struck off record.

The Chief Justice ordered them to file formal submissions which must be not more than 20 pages, in font size 14 and 1.5 line spacing.

“The submissions should be filed within 14days from now but not later than 28th November. The reply should be done within 3 weeks’ time but not later than 19th December,” Katureebe ordered



Katureebe also informed one of the appellants Male Mabirizi to read thoroughly the rules of procedure of this court because voluminous submissions will not be accepted.

In his memorandum of appeals, Mabirizi filed what is said to be the court’s highest number of grounds of appeal for one case.

“Do enough research and consultations to avoid political arguments such that the results may be helpful to the country,” the judge advised.

In their submissions each appellant will be given one hour to submit, whereas the Attorney General (respondent) will take two hours to reply to all submissions.

The three parties appealing include the Members of Parliament led by Hon Winnie Kiiza represented by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and Lwadslaus Rwakafuuzi, The Uganda Law society represented by counsel Wanders Ogalo and Male Kassim Mabirizi who represents him self

Among the issues which they want court to decide upon is to identify whether the whole process of amending the constitution didn’t contravene any article of the constitution or the rules of procedure of Parliament.

This case is going to be heard by a panel of nine justices led by the Chief justice himself


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