Supreme Court Sets Timelines in DPP’s Appeal Against Kazinda’s Acquittal

A panel of Supreme court judges led by Chief justice Aliphonse Owiny-Dollo has ordered the Attorney General and Geoffrey Kazinda to file written submissions in the case where the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) appealed against court of appeal decision to suspended the sentence of Kazinda on six charges.

The justices have given both parties up to 18th November to conclude with all their submissions and rejoinders so that they can come up with their judgement on notice

“Before the end of today, the Attorney General must serve the respondent with the supplementary affidavit,” the judges ruled.

The matter had come up for hearing today, but parties were not ready to proceed.

Kazinda, the respondent who represents himself on Wednesday morning served the prosecution with his response to the appeal, but complained that this was done on a short notice.

Being that it was voluminous, the chief justice applauded Kazinda for being hard working to the extent that he managed to compile all the required information within one night.

“I commend Luzira upper Prison for having put in place conditions which enabled Mr. Kazinda to work on his submissions throughout the night.”

In this appeal, the DPP represented by Attorney General challenges the Court of Appeal majority decision which permanently stayed trial of Geoffrey Kazinda the former Principal Accountant in the office of Prime Minister on six charges.


In their judgement, justices of court of Appeal ruled that the prosecution failed to abide by Article 28(9) of constitution and ended up with duplicity of charges which infringes of his right to a fair hearing.

These charges include lawful possession of Government stores, illicit enrichment, forging government documents and others.


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