Supreme Court Judges Commence Preparations for 2021 Presidential Petitions

Justices of the Supreme Court have started developing strategies of handling any possible petition from the forthcoming presidential election.

The Supreme Court is the first and the final court as far as determination of Presidential Election petition is concerned.

This four-day preparation symposium attracted Former Supreme Court Justices, lawyers who have participated in previous Presidential petitions and various professors of law, to share knowledge on handling an election petition.

Addressing the participants on Monday, Chief Justice Aliphonse Owiny Dollo said they decided to make early preparations to increase the chances of effectiveness.

He also called upon the stakeholders to ensure that amendments are made in the laws governing election petitions since currently the time given to court to dispose such does not seem to be enough for the voluminous submissions

“This petition has a great impact to Democracy because the person involved influences the operations of all the three arms of Government.”

The Law gives a presidential election petitioner 15 days within which to file the petition while court has 45 days to hear and dispose of the petition.

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