Supreme Court Asks for Patience on Age Limit Judgement

The Registrar of the Supreme Court Anguardia Opifeni has come out with assurance to the public that the court judges are working on the long awaited judgement on the Presidential age limit petition, and that as soon as it is done, parties will be informed

The registrar made the call in a letter dated 27th March 2019 addressed to one of the parties in the appeal, Hassan Male Mabirizi.

Mabirizi had earlier written to the court complaining about the delayed judgement.

” This is to inform you that the judgement of the said appeal is being processed by the justices of the court and at the appropriate time parties to the appeal will be notified to receive the same,” the registrar promised.

While closing the hearing of appeal case late last year, the head of the panel, Chief Justice Bart Katureebe promised to deliver this judgement on notice.

The petition was filed in protest of the ruling by the Constitutional Court which upheld the Constitutional amendments regarding the lifting of the Presidential Age limit

Other appellants in the matter include 6 opposition Members of Parliament led by former Leader of opposition HOn Winnie Kiiza and the Uganda Law society.

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