Support the Struggle or Stand Independently – ‘Kyuma Kya Yesu’ Calls Out Dissatisfied NUP Candidates

Veteran journalist William Ntege alias ‘Kyuma Kya Yesu’ has advised all dissatisfied candidates who did not get the National Unity Platform party (NUP) endorsement to either use lawful means of filing their complaints, or stand as independent candidates in different positions.

Ntege, who was denied the same ticket on Lord Councillor LC 5 post in Makindye Division, said that politicians who mobilise their supporters and make noise at the party headquarters while expressing their dissatisfaction are only wasting time.

“The best thing to do is to support that person whom the party has fronted, but if you think that you have enough support than the selected candidate on ground, you come as an independent and win him or her,” he said.

“I believed that I had done more than enough for my party in the struggle but when I was denied the ticket, I thought of standing as an independent but later reconsidered it and resumed my duties at the party since its younger,” Ntege added.

He reminded candidates to always remember that the major mission of the struggle is ousting the dictator.

“NUP is just four months old, competing with a party which has spent over 30 years in power. If NRM still has grievances what of NUP?” he asked.

Ntege made these remarks following the recently released NUP flag bearer lists of Councillors and Members of Parliament, where a number of NUP bigwigs have been dropped.

“To the celebrities, don’t think that the love you have because of your profession will determine your political life. If you were not given party tickets, stand with us to assure us that you are not selfish,” he noted.


This followed a section of the dissatisfied candidates who stormed the party headquarters, accusing the commission of being biased.

Moses Waswa, MP aspirant in the newly created Mawokota County accused the commission of giving the party ticket to an “NRM mole.”

“That lady, Gorreti Namuga, who got the ticket has never done anything for the struggle, we have sensitized the masses to maximum in this NRM dominated area but the commission, influenced by Mathias Mpuga, gave her the ticket,” he said.

“My major problem is not being denied the ticket but giving it to the wrong person. If NUP does not consider my petition, I will not stand as an independent but will campaign for all NUP candidates in all positions expect for this MP because I know she is a typical mole,” he added.

Supporters of Ronald Maitek Mukaga, who was also denied a NUP ticket for MP Baale Constituency in Kayunga district, stormed the party headquarters to express their dissatisfaction but were not given chance to proceed beyond the gate.

“We want justice, our candidate is the rightful owner of that ticket,” one supporter said.

Issuance of tickets for NUP flag bearers has been marred with alleged corruption, bribery and favouritism which have resulted into violence, chaos and a good number of candidates declaring to stand independently in the forthcoming general elections.


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