Super paint for Uganda’s Humidity Launched in Mbarara 

Sadolin Paint has unveiled to the Mbarara business community its new exterior wall paint, superior to other paints on the market, named Sadolin WallGuard ®.

Not only is Sadolin WallGuard ® made of high-quality colour features but also has a water-repelling finishing coat with Mouldex moisture resistance textures. This allows easy escape of harmful moistures that usually damage the walls.

Commenting on the new products, Deon Nieuwoudt, the commercial executive at Akzo Nobel East Africa said; “We are thrilled to launch Sadolin WallGuard ®, leading a range that features products for roofs and walls as well as specialist solutions to address the damaging effects of humidity.”

“Humidity and mould can really make a house look old before it’s time but now with the new Sadolin WallGuard ® with Mouldex moisture resist, your walls will look cleaner for longer,” he added.

Deon Nieuwoudt, the commercial executive at Akzo Nobel East Africa chatting with one of the local traders in Mbarara

Mr. Nieuwoudt, said as Grand Masters of protection since 1907, Sadolin does not only provide superior paints to the customers but also meet their modern colour need.

“The new Sadolin WallGuard ® with Mouldex moisture resist specially made for Uganda is the ultimate protection and it gives longer lasting protection in high humidity,” said Mr. Nieuwoudt.

The new range of exterior and interior paint products also has Sadolin RoofGuard®, a pure acrylic paint which offers roof tops with excellent protection and durability and the Sadolin Rainsheild®, a flexible, fibre-reinforced water and crack resistant water proofing paint that acts as a preventative measure for areas prone to water leaks.

Sadolin is Uganda’s number one paint brand offering quality paints to Ugandan homes and businesses.

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