Sudhir to Parents: Kampala Parents is Here to Stay

Kampala Parents School (KPS) proprietor, ambulance Sudhir Ruparelia, find has reassured parents that the education facility will continue operating normally despite social media claims of being sold.

This was during a meeting with parents at the school in Kampala on Friday afternoon.

Some parents said they had been informed that the school was sold.

Sudhir was displeased by the parents’ reliance on social media rumours, cost warning, “Social media doesn’t run the school. The management does.”

He said parents and other stakeholders must “stop listening and fuelling the rumours.”

There was a disagreement between a parent who tried drawing a connection between the school’s performance and the alleged low motivation of teachers.

Sudhir reacted angrily towards the parent’s comments, attracting a heated reaction from the audience.

Calm was restored moments later with Sudhir emphasizing that Kampala Parents is being run independently.


“It will go on for many years to come; parents should not be alarmed,” he assured.

Both parents and management discussed improvement of grades, motivation of staff and active participation of parents in running the school affairs.

Parents expressed joy that Sudhir had listened to their concerns and that he would continue the engagement for the good of the school.

Kampala Parents School is a private mixed primary school located in Nakawa Division of the City Council of Kampala.

The school is on international level but follows a local curriculum.

It’s situated along Lugogo bypass and has an enrolment of over 3000 pupils with 130 well trained teachers and over 150 non-teaching staff members. The pupils come from all over the world.

The multi-cultural institution provides a well-rounded balanced education to children from different backgrounds.

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