SUDAN: UN Human Rights Chief Reiterates Call for Independent Investigation


The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet has made another call for an independent investigation into the killing of pro-democracy protesters and activists in Sudan.

Ms. Bachelet in a statement released on Wednesday, days after deadly crackdown on Sunday last week, said the circumstances resulting to the death of dozens of unarmed people and the injuring of many should be quickly and transparently probed.

“It is essential there are prompt, transparent and independent investigations into how all these people lost their lives, as well as into the causes of such a large number of injuries,” said the High Commissioner.

She also appealed to the Transitional Military Council under Gen. Abdel Fatah Burhan to respect right of peaceful demonstration in line with the country’s constitution and the African Union (AU) chatter, which is trying to broker a deal for transition to a civilian government.

Mass protests have been taking place in more than ten major towns and cities in Sudan, since the fall of longtime president Omar Bashir in April 2019, including capital Khartoum, Omdurman, Kassala, Gadaref, Madani, Port Sudan, Atbara, El Fasher, Nyala, Zalingie and Kosti. Protesters headed by the association of professionals and opposition coalition are demanding for the end of military rule and transition to civilian government.

The crackdown on protesters by the security forces is largely blamed on the Rapid Support Force (RSF), formerly the deadly Janjaweed militia responsible for 2003-2005 Darfur crises. Over 100 people have already lost their lives since June 3rd 2019 when the security clampdown started.

Ms. Bachelet noted that she was disturbed by reports of hospital attacks including joint RSF and police forces had chased protestors inside of the Gadaref city hospital, firing live ammunition and tear gas.


OHCHR said allegations had been made that police and RSF had raided the Al-Tabib hospital in Khartoum and pursued protestors into the military hospital in Omdurman, firing tear gas and live bullets and killing a medical employee.


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