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Sudan: Protesters Warn of Counter ‘Mass Uprising’ if Army Tries to Crush Sit-in

Sudan Professionals Association (SPA), the main artery of the revolution that ousted President Omar Al Bashir, has warned of a “counter mass uprising” if the army goes ahead to use force to evict the protesters holding a sit-in protest in the northeast River Nile State and Khartoum.

“The repressive apparatus is trying to disperse protesters from several directions and we have spotted vehicles being prepared for this purpose,” said SPA.

“We affirm that any attempt to disperse the sit-in will be resolved through the masses,” the association warned.

It further called on “all revolutionaries to increase the roadblocks from the southern direction along the Nile Road, the University, the Republic, the municipality and the airport” to thwart security forces’ attempts to dislodge them.

The eviction of protesters in River Nile State would break the protesters’ spine as they struggle to secure solid concessions from the ruling military junta.

Protesters have refused to end their sit-in until a civilian-led government is put in place

Civilian government 

The PSA maintains the transitional government must be led by civilians, a request the military appears uncomfortable with.

The junta maintains it will rule for only two years to maintain peace and stability before handing over power to elected leaders.


The revolution that swept away Bashir’s government started in the city of Atbara in the northeast River Nile state on December 19, 2018 where thousands protested the price rise and acute shortage of basic commodities.

The revolt quickly gained momentum with protesters burning down the building of the ruling party in Atbara before the winds of change spread to eastern city of Gadarif, White Nile state, Northern Kordofan state, Darfur and later Khartoum.

SPA, in a statement issued on Tuesday, urged “all revolutionaries to attend the sit-in square in order to protect our sit-ins and receive Atbara revolutionaries… and break the shackles of the defunct regime.”

Meanwhile, the Vice Chairman of the transitional military Junta, Lt. Lieutenant Mohammed Hamdan Daqlo today met today with the delegation of the Sudan Renaissance Alliance, as part of the Council’s consultations with political and community forces on the needs of the transitional period.

The alliance’s leader, Dr. Al-Tijani Sisi warned that Sudan’s “political vacuum and current polarization could threaten the security and safety of the nation in the face of economic and security challenges.”

The African Union has since given Sudan’s ruling military establishment three months to hand over power to civilians.

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