Sudan Opposition Calls off Dialogue with Military Council after Khartoum Shootings

The Sudan coalition of opposition parties has called off dialogue and called for the overthrow of the Transitional Military Council over the killing of about a dozen protesters in capital Khartoum on Monday.

Former Janjaweed fighters, now called Rapid Support Forces ?RSF), are said to be behind the bloody clampdown on sit-in protesters.

Amateur videos indicate that RSF paramilitary fighters arrived aboard military pickups and  opened fire on the unarmed protesters, who are against the continued military leadership and agitating for civilian rule.

The transitional military leadership has not taken responsibility of the attack but the RSF, since its formation in 2013, is under the control of National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) and their overt operations commanded by the SAF (Sudan Armed Forces).

The death toll as of Monday after afternoon was said to be 13.

Sudanese Congress Party (SCP) and other opposition parties declared that 13 people were killed and squarely placed the blame on the Transitional Military Council.

“At least 13 martyrs were lost by the treacherous junta, hundreds wounded and injured. The Coup council (Transitional Military Council) bears full responsibility for this crime,” said part of a statement by the opposition.

The opposition coalition, which believes that even the army and police accompanied the RSF in the attack, said it will not deter them from further protests.


“We announce suspension of negotiations with the Junta (TMC) and call for civil disobedience. The forces of freedom and change continue in a unified and united spirit more than ever,” added the statement.

The opposition has also declared a new energized demonstration aimed at overthrowing the Transitional Military Council.

We declare that the forces of freedom and change to come out for comprehensive civil disobedience open from today JUNE 3, 2019 until the overthrow of the regime,” stressed the statement.

The Transitional Military Council took leadership after forcing out President Omar Bashir in April this year. 

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