Sudan Ministers Praise Army for Toppling Gen Bashir

The General Secretariat of Sudan Council of Ministers has praised the army for working towards what they termed the choice of the people of Sudan.

In a statement released on Sunday, Ministers made it clear that the armed forces are entrusted with the critical protection of the country.

“We commend the army and other regular forces for their bias towards the choice of the Sudanese people, as they were always entrusted with the safety valve of the country and its protective shield and fortified fortunes and the country is receiving a new era full of optimism and hope, anticipating a bright future and looking forward to the development and prosperity of the Sudan,” said part of the statement.

The Secretariat also commended the workers for actively demanding for the “good future”.

The workers in the country, in all their categories and in all their positions, were an active part of the movement that was formed with other Sudanese groups,” said the Ministers.

President Al Bashir’s 30-year reign was this past Thursday brought to a crushing end by persistent countrywide protests.

The proteters have since refused to quit the streets, calling for immediate transfer of power to a civilian-led transitional council.

The army insists it will rule for only two years, a move seen as an attempt by Bashir’s loyalists to buy time to crush dissent.


The Ministers on Sunday urged all State employees in the various ministries and units to carry out their duties in a “spirit of great strength, great determination and high discipline.”

They appealed to workers to support the transitional government under the Military Council led by Lt. Gen. Fatah el-Burhan.

We would like to make every effort to serve the citizens and facilitate the work of the state and strive hard to reform the civil service and to facilitate the work of the state,” the statement added. 

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers also appealed to the private sector employees to “double their efforts alongside public sector employees to provide the needs of all citizens and provide them with satisfactory services.”

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